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Each week, The Osoyoos Times fields many, many questions about requirements for placing Display Advertising in our pages. Following is an introduction to Display Advertising in the pages of The Times.

ad-guide-graphic1-75x61(1) A “Display Ad” is any printed ad which appears in a boxed space somewhere in our pages. (It is dealt with separately from “Classifieds Ads” — word ads which appear under their respective classifications in the CLASSIFIED ADS pages.) Display ads range in size from 1 column wide by 1 inch high (= One column-inch), up to a full page (= 98 column inches).

ad-guide-graphic2-75x11(2) All finished ads must fit one of the column sizes of The Osoyoos Times’ 6-column tabloid format.

One column width is 1.56 inches. Two columns width is 3.31 inches.

Three columns width is 5.06 inches. Four columns width is 6.81 inches.

Five columns width is 8.56 inches. Six columns width is 10.31 inches.

Sizes vary anywhere from a minimum of height of one inch, all the way up to 13.9 inches (full page height) All ads are Black & White (one colour ink – Black), unless the additional Process Colour charge is applied. Display ads are designed, either by The Times staff or are supplied by the advertiser.

ad-guide-graphic3-73x75(3) The cost of each ad is based on the size of the ad as measured in COLUMN INCHES (height in inches multiplied by width in columns.) An ad which is 2 inches high by 3 columns wide = 6 column inches. The cost of an ad is determined by multiplying its column inch size times the applied rate of $ per column inch rate. This rate varies according to factors such as frequency of advertising, volume of advertising, and/or applicable discounts.

ad-guide-graphic4-75x75(4) The best way to determine which size of ad would be most appropriate for your needs would be to look over a recent copy of The Times and consider the various sizes of ads you see.

Finished ads which are delivered to us “camera-ready” – i.e. built to the correct size and ready to print – are best delivered via e-mail as PDF files. PDF files provide the highest quality reproduction at the smallest, most manageable file size. Make sure to PROOFREAD your PDFs carefully … they will run precisely as supplied! Finished ads can be sent to ADS@OSOYOOSTIMES.COM

ad-guide-graphic5-75x50(5) The next step in planning an ad campaign is to speak directly to Sales Representative Ken Baker and to make financial arrangements with him. He can be reached at the office 250-495-7225, on his cellphone 250-498-9236, or by e-mail at SALES@OSOYOOSTIMES.COM.

The deadline for placing Display Ads in The Osoyoos Times is: 10 a.m. on the Monday before publication. Our weekly newspaper goes to press on Tuesdays and there can be no exceptions for late arrivals.

If you have further questions, please call The Osoyoos Times. We are open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., at 8712 Main Street or by calling 250-495-7225.

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