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B.C.’s first Family Day will be held on the second Monday in February, Premier Christy Clark has announced. That will make the date for the first Family Day in British Columbia on Monday, Feb. 11.
More than 30,000 people submitted their choices online to help the government determine which Monday in February should be chosen for the new public holiday.
The main question was whether Family Day should fall on the third Monday of the month, the same date as holidays in other provinces and Presidents’ Day in the United States, or if B.C. should have its own Family Day on the second Monday when ski resorts and other holiday spots might be less crowded.
Family Day was first held in Alberta in 1990 and has caught on in other provinces, but is not a federal holiday.
During her run for the B.C. Liberal leadership in January 2011, Clark first promised to bring in the new holiday on the third Monday in February to create a break between New Year’s Day and Easter.
“Creating a Family Day in B.C. was an important priority for me. Today, my government is following through on that commitment and I am proud and delighted to let families across B.C. know that our very first Family Day will be on Monday, Feb. 11, 2013,” said Clark.
“Having our own unique day in B.C. creates distinctive opportunities for families and local businesses. British Columbians will be able to enjoy all kinds of local attractions with fewer lineups and less out-of-town traffic.”
“We heard a lot of thoughtful points of view from British Columbians about which day they’d prefer. The response we had from the public was outstanding – it’s great to see people know we want to hear from them, and that we’re listening,” said Minister of  Health Margaret MacDiarmid.
Between May 8 and May 22, 2012, British Columbians were asked to provide input into whether they prefer the second or third Monday in February for the observation of the new Family Day statutory holiday.
The Ministry of Labour, Citizen’s Services and Open Government engaged with the public through an online poll on their website, as well as through Twitter and email.
The Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation engaged in consultation with various business and industry stakeholders, as well as school superintendents.
People in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan all have the third Monday off.
The provincial holiday is known as Louis Riel Day in Manitoba and Islander Day in Prince Edward Island.

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  1. Eric Paquette

    January 31, 2013 at 12:03 pm

    Having our own unique family day makes no sense at all for businesses in BC that do buisness with other provinces and the USA. Most will have to work that day anyway as everyone else will be open so they won’t be able to spend any time with their families. And those of us who have families in other provinces will not be able to share that time with them. It looks like the Gov’t of BC is catering to the ski industry

  2. Jeff

    February 3, 2013 at 5:32 am

    I think it’s great that BC has a Family Day now. I live in Ontario and it’s one of my family’s favourite holidays each year…

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