Calgary woman questions need to spend taxpayer dollars on Osoyoos music festival

By on July 2, 2014

Dear Editor:

I was reading that Osoyoos was holding a music festival from June 27 – July 1.

While I can appreciate the need to generate tourism, however, I doubt that Osoyoos really needs more promotion given the influx of people that come and use the town as a destination yearly.

I hardly feel that hosting a music festival on an already overcrowded public beach area is really the best use of space or taxpayers money.

I feel that taxpayers money could be better used to address many of the issues already faced in Osoyoos during the summer months, such as the need for more by-law or police presence and maintenance of the limited public spaces in town.

I would hope that town council would have looked at the impacts of hosting festivals (i.e. Penticton festivals and all the issues they have with hosting this yearly gathering) and not allowing profit to cloud any decisions.

I am not saying that music festivals should not be held, however consultation with nearby residents, who will be directly impacted by the daily monsoon of people, music and noise for 10-12 hours a day should have been done.

A more appropriate location should have been sought before confirming, offering grants or sponsorship to host this festival.

In future, the town may want to look at alternatives such as vineyards or build in the old racetrack area.

Osoyoos is a beautiful town that offers so much already and attracts thousands a year to its locale, why keep cramming more things in for people when most are trying to escape the rush of urban areas anyway.


Christina Morgan

Calgary, Alberta.


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