Cameras To Roll In Osoyoos This Spring

By on March 24, 2009

-$10 million western to be filmed in area-

OSOYOOS TIMES-March 25, 2009-

By Paul EverestrnOsoyoos Times

A gunslinger looking for a fight is expected to show up in the Osoyoos area in the coming weeks.
And he may be bringing millions of dollars with him.
The only shooting we need to worry about, however, will be done by film crews making Canadian actor Paul Gross' latest movie.
Gunless, a western with a projected budget of $10 million, is scheduled to begin filming in and around Osoyoos this spring.
According to a plot outline on the Internet Movie Database, the film is about a hardened American gunslinger who is repeatedly thwarted in his attempts to mount a showdown in a friendly town in Canada where no one seems to understand or appreciate the brutal code of the American Wild West.rnJon Summerland, commissioner of the Okanagan Film Commission, said crews are already picking spots for filming across the Osoyoos area.
The only product placement in the entire thing will be Osoyoos, he said, adding that when the film's director, William Phillips, was sent photos of the area for consideration in a location brief, he replied with two words.
'Osoyoos. Wow.'rnSummerland said Osoyoos was picked as a filming location because of its unique, rugged landscape which could stand in for the Wild West period of history.
The story is of a border town in Canada that people wouldn't know is even Canada, he said.
Nobody would guess, when you throw in the wilds of Osoyoos, unless you're from B.C., or even some people in B.C., people three hours from here don't even know it looks like that.rnHe added that further location scouting around Osoyoos would take place on March 27.
When asked how long the shoot will last in the area, Summerland said crews could be here for a significant amount of time.
This is a guesstimate, I would say at least a month and a half because they're building a town.rnThe economic benefits from the production for Osoyoos could be as much as $4.5 million, Summerland added, as film crews can spend between $75,000 to $100,000 a day in the area where the shoot takes place.
That will go through hotels, restaurants, he said. People won't even know why they're making money. People like dry cleaners, people with used clothing stores.rnGunless will be Gross' first film since he wrote, directed and starred in last year's First World War epic Passchendaele, which brought in roughly $4.4 million at the box office.
Gross also co-wrote, directed and starred in the 2002 curling comedy Men with Brooms and he appeared on the television series Due South from 1994 to 1999.
This will be the second high-profile film shoot in the Osoyoos area in six months as an episode of the science-fiction series Stargate Atlantis was filmed off Camp McKinney Road in September.
Summerland said crew for the production of Gunless will mostly come from the commission and a number of other film shoots will be happening in the Okanagan Valley and surrounding areas this year.
It's ridiculously busy, he said.
Gunless is scheduled to be released in March, 2010.

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