Council keeps promise to local couple from decade ago to hook up home to sewer system

By on February 12, 2014

The Town of Osoyoos will keep its promise made to a local couple 10 years ago to hook up their home to the town’s municipal sewer system.

In 2004, Sonora Gardens subdivision was constructed. This subdivision provided the opportunity for four properties that were located in the municipal boundary to be serviced with sewer and water from Wildflower Court.

The owners of the property not serviced since this development 10 years ago had sent a letter to the town in the middle of January requesting that their property be hooked up to the town’s water and sewer system.

In 2002, the Ministry of Highways paved 32 Avenue from Lobelia Drive to Haynes Point Provincial Park. The town installed a sewer main prior to paving, which allowed several properties to be serviced with sewer.

These properties were charged connection fees of $1,500 and inspection fees, but no capital charges were included.

When the town expanded its sewer main to service several other properties in this part of town, the property owners were again charged connection and inspection fees, but no capital charge fees were applied, said Ron Doucette, the town’s director of operational services during a presentation to council on Monday.

The local couple have requested to be hooked up to the town’s sewer system and are prepared to pay the $1,500 installation fee, but don’t think it’s fair to have to pay the entire $10,000 in capital costs that hooking up their home would cost, said Doucette.

The couple “are requesting to have the actual costs as per town bylaw waived as a result of the other sewer connection fees in the area,” said Doucette.

In their letter to the town, the couple wrote, “We’ve been told at this time the connection fees could cost over $10,000, which, for us, is a towering figure … we talked with our neighbours … and we found they were charged the normal $1,500 to connect to the town sewer system. This is a cost that is much more within our means.

“We trust council will look into this situation and we can get connected to the sewer system before summer so that there is minimal disruption to the local traffic as well as the rush of traffic going to Haynes Point.”

Coun. C. J. Rhodes said it’s obvious this couple should be treated the same as all other property owners in the area and be charged the $1,500 fee instead of the $10,000 in capital costs.

Mayor Stu Wells agreed.

“It makes sense … and it seems a little onerous to put all these costs on one unit at this time,” he said.

Construction crews are expected to begin work and complete this project as soon as the snow melts in early spring.


Osoyoos Times



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