Council must answer questions on supportive care

By on April 10, 2018

Dear Editor:

Currently, there is a rezoning application before council to allow a supportive recovery facility in R-1 zoned neighbourhoods in Osoyoos for people dealing with drug and alcohol addictions.

Supportive care facilities must be available 24 hours a day/365 days a year in order to provide the requisite patient care. Is this something that should be left to the town to regulate, administer and pay the costs of, or is this an attempt by the province to offload same on the town?

As we are well aware, there is a great need for this type of facility, but before council rushes to approve, I would hope that they would do the necessary research and answer, at a minimum, the following questions.

1. Does the proposed home and particular neighbourhood provide a quiet, restful, secluded, natural environment?

2. Does the home/neighbourhood offer unhealthy distractions (bars, distilleries, wineries and known drug use hangouts)?

3. Is the home located in an area of high pedestrian and vehicle traffic and is there adequate parking available to service such a facility?

4. Does the owner/operator of the facility have a positive, long-term track record operating such facilities?

5. Is the Town of Osoyoos prepared to regulate the operation of such a facility and be responsible to monitor and ensure compliance?

6. Is the safety of the neighbourhood going to be compromised?

7. Is the owner/operator going to be responsible for the additional policing costs, if any, associated with the operation of such a facility?

Before voting on this issue, members of council should ask themselves whether they would want a supportive recovery facility to be located in their own residential neighbourhood.

Sandy Downs

Osoyoos, B.C.

Editor’s note: Just to be clear, the current bylaw amendment isn’t a rezoning application. It adds a definition of “supportive recovery” and it establishes general criteria for allowing such facilities in residentially zoned neighbourhoods.

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