‘Dynamic’ teacher to conduct workshops in Osoyoos on health of body and mind

By on January 8, 2014
Marnie Bosman (Photo supplied)

Marnie Bosman (Photo supplied)

Two workshops at the Sonora Community Centre this month will explore new ways participants can improve the health of their bodies and minds.

The workshops, being conducted by Marnie Bosman of Prince George, are being offered at the Sonora Centre for the first time ever, said Louisa Carvalho, program assistant with the Town of Osoyoos.

“I hope people come out because Marnie is a very dynamic individual and she has so much energy,” said Carvalho, who has attended workshops elsewhere with Bosman. “It’s contagious and she’s so full of life so I hope people will take the opportunity and attend the workshops.”

On Friday evening, Jan. 17, a workshop will teach participants to make and use a hula hoop.

“Hula hooping is becoming very popular,” said Carvalho. “It’s a fun way to get in shape. It’s an amazing cardio and core workout and a great solution for sore backs and hips. It helps the flexibility at the spine.”

Anyone can do this because it’s low impact, she added. Unlike the hoops sold in toy stores, these ones are weighted so they are easier for people to use.

An all-day workshop follows on Saturday, Jan. 18 and includes four different sessions dealing with different aspects of mind and body. Breathing properly is a key part of several sessions.

“Breathing is very important,” said Carvalho, noting that Bosman is currently teaching a breathing class in Prince George.

“We as humans don’t breathe properly. We’re very shallow breathers, so breathing is probably one of the most important things we can do. You actually expel about 70 per cent of your toxins from just breathing properly, so it’s very beneficial to learn how to do that properly, especially to deal with stress.”

The four Saturday sessions deal with energy of weight loss followed by ball rolling.

After a lunch break, the day continues with functional fitness and breath therapy.

The ball rolling session teaches participants to pinpoint areas of their body where they are feeling pain and use a tennis ball or golf ball to massage the area and relieve tightness, soreness and joint pain as well as helping circulation.

The workshops are intended for people of all ages from 16 up and they are well suited for seniors, Carvalho said. They aren’t strenuous.

“It’s not like a fitness class,” she added.

She also hopes that both men and women will attend, as the workshops aren’t aimed at just one gender.

Bosman has an extensive background that includes being a registered massage therapist and a personal trainer.

She also has experience in exercise rehabilitation and sports conditioning training and is passionate about the mind-body connection.

She integrates massage, exercise rehabilitation, yoga, energy medicine and hula hooping into her private practice and workshops.

With so many people making a resolution to get in better shape at the beginning of each new year, Carvalho said the timing is right to bring this workshop to Osoyoos and she’s expecting good response to the workshops.

“These are things you can learn about at the workshop and then be able to put into practice at home,” she said.

The Friday hula hoop making workshop costs $40 and the Saturday sessions cost $60. There’s a combined price for both workshops of $80.

The Friday workshop runs from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. and the Saturday workshop starts at 9 a.m. and finishes at 4:45 p.m. with breaks between sessions and at lunch.

The workshops are open to anyone in Osoyoos and area, but space is limited, so people are advised to preregister, Carvalho said.

You can register at the Sonora Community Centre or call 250-495-6562 for more information.


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