Expanding reclaimed water system and building Gyro Park Plaza key capital projects on the books for 2014

By on February 19, 2014

Beginning a $1.7-million upgrade to expand the town’s effluent system up to the Osoyoos Airport, a $470,000 project upgrade to develop the Gyro Park Multi-Purpose Plaza and starting construction to upgrade and improve 74 and 92 Avenue are the biggest capital projects expected to be passed by Town of Osoyoos council during current budget deliberations.

Next to setting the annual property mill rate increase and user fee increases that will determine how much local property owners will pay in 2014, the biggest part of the annual budget deliberations is deciding which major capital projects will be completed as part of the five-year capital budget.

The biggest project, by far, on the books for 2014, is the expansion of the town’s reclaimed water irrigation system to the playing field at Osoyoos Secondary School as well as up to the Osoyoos Airport.

A staff report states this major project will ensure that town no longer has to worry about reclaimed water threatening to overflow at the town’s lagoon ponds.

Most of the project to build the effluent lines to the high school and airport property would be completed this year.

“To construct pipelines and a booster station that will provide reclaimed irrigation water to the high school fields and portion of the airport property,” says a staff report. “This project can be constructed in phases. The first phase would allow irrigation reclaimed water to reach the high school fields for $694,000 and the second phase to extend the pipeline to the airport for an extra $1,013,000 and this would also include street lighting bases and ducting and trail paving.”

Since 2010, there has been a surplus of available reclaimed water in relation to the requirements of irrigation areas in town.

Up to 2012, the annual surpluses were accumulating in storage reservoirs such that there was uncertainty there was adequate storage in the system for winter sewage flows.

A subsurface disposal bed was constructed at the south end of Desert Park in the winter of 2013 as a “safety valve” to reduce accumulated surpluses and assure adequate storage capacity.

The draft budget recommends building a reclaimed water booster station at a cost of $470,000 and installing supply mains at a cost of $224,000 in 2014.

“Completion of these two components would result in reclaimed water being made available to the secondary school for irrigation of the playing fields,” says the report. “If council wants to be in a position to very quickly implement irrigation at the airport, component 3 could be budgeted in 2014.”

The estimated costs to expand to the airport this year are $522,000.

As has been discussed in great detail over the past three weeks, council has stated its intention to spend $470,000 in 2014 to develop Phase One of the Gyro Park Multi-Purpose Plaza.

The project would see the old parking lot in Gyro Park torn up and a beautiful plaza developed that would include interlocking pavement stone right to the shoreline of Osoyoos Lake.

There would also be an elevated composite deck installed along the north side of the plaza, expanded seating and beautification near the town’s concession stand, planting of numerous new trees and shrubs and installation of many new lights.

Phase 2 of the project, at an estimated cost of roughly $220,000, would be completed next year.

The biggest road capital projects on the books for 2014 include the Phase One of a proposed $900,000 upgrade of 74 Avenue over the next three years.

Phase One would see major upgrades of 74 Avenue from 89 Street to Main Street at a cost of $295,000, with Phase Two stretching from 87 to 85 Street and Phase 3 from 89 to 87 Street.

Also on the books is a major upgrade of 92 Avenue, with Phase One from 87 Street to Jubilee Crescent, budgeted at $390,000. Phase Two from Jubilee Crescent to Royal Anne is budgeted at $343,000.

These costs include replacement of catch basins, curb and gutters, full paving and sidewalks.

Major water and sewer upgrade projects are also on the books for 2014.

One of the biggest is a $250,000 project to upgrade the storm water treatment systems for 36 Avenue and Bayview Crescent outfalls.

Another big project is budgeted at $184,000 to improve the Highway 3 storm and sewer upgrades between Lakeshore Drive and Solana Key Court.

A project to upgrade the 4022 Booster Station is budgeted at $100,000.

A project to upgrade the water distribution system to the east end of the town’s industrial park is budgeted at $98,000.

Other capital projects that will be discussed during budget deliberations include:

• $43,000 to complete the Osoyoos Splash Park.

• $27,500 to upgrade the washrooms at Jack Shaw Gardens.

• $10,000 to provide upgrades at the town’s dog park.

• $15,000 to upgrade the ball diamonds located on the town’s west bench.

• $4,500 to upgrade the town’s BMX track.

• $30,000 to upgrade the women’s showers at the Sonora Community Centre.

• $15,000 to upgrade the Pioneer Walkway washroom.

• $15,00 to upgrade street lights on Spartan Drive.

• $36,800 to improve the recycling area at the Town of Osoyoos landfill.

•$24,000 for odour control near the northwest sewer lift stations.

The town’s draft budget is available at the town’s website at www.osoyoos.ca.

The town has scheduled a public hearing on the town’s budget on Monday, Feb. 24, beginning at 6:30 p.m., in council chambers at town hall.


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