Family deserves credit for trying to preserve Haynes name in new winery

By on March 23, 2016

For close to 140 years, the original homestead built by the Haynes family on Lakeshore Drive has been synonymous with the Town of Osoyoos.

A lot of longtime residents were visibly upset when informed last week that the Haynes residence and surrounding property had been sold. The original Haynes residence began construction way back in 1878 when Judge John Carmichael Haynes moved to this community.

It took him four long years to build the 1,900 square foot structure that featured several bedrooms and a unique wraparound veranda.

For three generations, the Fraser family – another one of this community’s original pioneers – called Haynes House home.

Longtime historian and well-known retired Osoyoos teacher George Fraser moved into the residence when he was only 10 years of age.

His paternal grandfather originally signed a three-year lease and moved into the residence back in 1917. He ended up purchasing the house and property three years later.

George Jr.’s parents, Doug and Dorothy Fraser, lived in that home for many years and eventually sold it to George Jr. and his wife, who also lived there for years.

They were the rightful owners until they decided to sell it to the Mitchell family back in the early 1990s.

The Mitchell family sold it several months ago to the Dhaliwal family from Oliver.

Ricky Dhaliwal, 25, the oldest son of Harbens and Harkesh Dhaliwal, has announced his family will be tearing down the Haynes House and building a brand new winery.

The tasting room for the winery will be located in roughly the same location as the Haynes House, while a new manufacturing plant will be built several hundred metres away.

To their credit, the Dhaliwal family has taken many steps to ensure the impressive history of the Haynes residence and adjacent property will be preserved for many generations to come. They have donated several items, including original windows and doors and pieces of furniture, to the Osoyoos Museum.

They also plan on using several original design elements from the original building into the final design of the tasting room.

They also intend on contacting members of the Haynes family to see if it would be alright with them if they could use the family name as part of the new winery.

If that doesn’t work out, the Dhaliwal family would like to name one of the best vintages of wine in honour of the Haynes family name.

That’s an incredibly nice gesture and they deserve a great deal of credit for being so thoughtful.

Hopefully the Osoyoos Museum will have enough artifacts from Haynes House to put together a permanent exhibit that will be available for many generations to come.

And by using the Haynes name as part of their new winery, the Dhaliwal family has taken a big step towards ensuring this piece of property will remain front and centre in the Town of Osoyoos for hopefully another 130 years.

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