Free memory clinic coming to Osoyoos on Monday

By on March 16, 2017
A free memory clinic is coming to the Osoyoos Seniors Centre on Monday, March 20. (Richard McGuire photo)

A free memory clinic is coming to the Osoyoos Seniors Centre on Monday, March 20. (Richard McGuire photo)

Forgetfulness can be simply a sign of aging or it can be symptom of a larger problem, such as the onset of dementia.

A free memory clinic being offered on Monday at the Osoyoos Seniors’ Centre will provide the opportunity for those experiencing memory loss to be tested.

The service is being offered by the Medical Arts and Research Group, a company involved in medical research, in partnership with the Osoyoos Seniors’ Centre.

The service includes a 60-minute appointment during which the participant receives current state-of-the-art memory tests.

Participants receive a copy of the results and advice on how to keep their memory active, the Medical Arts Health Research Group says in a news release.

Follow-up appointments will be available for those who wish to track their memory results over time. As well, results can be made available to the participant’s family physician or specialist.

“It’s aimed at people who either have memory issues or believe they have memory issues,” said Marilyn Strong, in community partnerships with the company.

“A lot of us, we think of something to do, we walk into the room and when we get to the room, we don’t remember why we’re there and we have to go back to where we started to try and remember it,” said Strong.

The testing will help to determine if this is just a sign of aging or something more serious, she said.

While age isn’t necessarily a factor, usually these problems occur in people over age 50, she said.

Loss of memory is more likely to be noticed with short-term rather than long-term memory, she added.

The testing is being offered throughout the Okanagan and Thompson region during March to coincide with Brain Awareness Month, Strong said.

There are no definite plans to offer testing beyond the one day, March 20, but it might happen if there is sufficient interest.

“Depending on the response, we are hoping that we can come to Osoyoos once a month, or more often,” she said. “We’re not planning it at the moment. We’ll just see what happens with the response to this one.”

To make an appointment for the Osoyoos Free Memory Clinic, call 1-844-777-9800.


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