High school’s Global Awareness Club once again promoting Bee Awareness campaign in Osoyoos

By on March 5, 2014

CouncilFor the second straight year, students at Osoyoos Secondary School (OSS) are raising awareness in the community about protecting bees and sharing information about the vital role they play in the ecosystem in this region and across the country.

Shelby Schroeter, the president of the Rotary Interact Club at OSS, formerly the Global Awareness Club, along with schoolmate Allana Davis, made a presentation to Town of Osoyoos council on Monday detailing their plans for the second annual Mother’s Day Bee Awareness Campaign in Osoyoos.

Last year, members of the Global Awareness Club at the high school sold hundreds of sunflower pots to local residents as part of the Bee Awareness Campaign and they hope to do the same again this year, said Schroeter.

Once again the campaign will culminate with selling of the sunflower pots on Mother’s Day set for May 11.

Close to 200 pots were sold last year at $5 apiece with each pot planted with four sunflower seeds, said Davis.

Schroeter said members of the Global Awareness Club are looking to expand the program this year and get young students from Osoyoos Elementary School involved.

The club is also hoping to ask a local property owner on Main Street in downtown Osoyoos to allow the club to set up a “pollination station” where bees could gather to pollinate various plants and shrubs, she said.

She was also hopeful to set up a pollination station near town hall at the Market on Main site in the coming weeks.

Another plan is to set up a “nectar trail for various pollinators” across the town and this will be done after consultation with experts from the Osoyoos Desert Centre, said Schroeter.

Schroeter thanked members of town council for supporting the club’s endeavours relating to Bee Awareness day last year and for their support of events this year.

Coun. Michael Ryan applauded Schroeter and members of the Global Awareness Club for their hard work and dedication in raising public awareness about the crucial role bees and other insects play in the ecosystem.

“Bees are still under a great deal of pressure and stress,” said Ryan.

Ryan encouraged all local citizens who are interested in the key role played by bees and other pollinating insects to attend a lecture being sponsored by the Osoyoos Desert Centre, set for Saturday, March 29 at 2 p.m. at the Watermark Beach Resort.

Coun. Sue McKortoff also praised Schroeter and Davis for the good work they and their fellow high school students are doing on this important issue.

Mayor Stu Wells said bees and other pollinating insects are crucial in places like Osoyoos where the growth of fruits and vegetables plays a key component in the economic development of the town.

Coun. C. J. Rhodes credited Schroeter and Davis on their presentation and said he purchased some sunflower pots last year and will be purchasing more this year when they go on sale.

A site for where the sunflower pots will be sold once they grow will be determined in the next few weeks, said Schroeter.


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