Idyllic garden settings to showcase works of local artists

By on July 23, 2014
Osoyoos painter Gay Ross showed off some of her colourful flower paintings and whimsical animal paintings at Art in the Garden last year. She returns to Katie Foster’s studio garden this year. (Richard McGuire file photo)

Osoyoos painter Gay Ross showed off some of her colourful flower paintings and whimsical animal paintings at Art in the Garden last year. She returns to Katie Foster’s studio garden this year. (Richard McGuire file photo)

Local artists will be showing their work in idyllic garden settings this weekend at the fourth annual Art in the Garden.

The event runs on Saturday and Sunday July 26 and 27 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at several artists’ residences between Osoyoos and Keremeos.

This year a new location has been added – Forbidden Fruit Winery at Cawston.

Missing this year is the lovely home of artist Jane Scheffler perched high up on Anarchist Mountain, where potter Dianne Hughes also showed her work. Neither Scheffler nor Hughes is participating this year.

Instead, new artists Lucy Stoppler and Deb Thomson will be showing their pottery at the East Bench home of painter Sharon Leonard, who founded the event with potter Katie Foster. Foster’s home is also a venue.

All the artists at Forbidden Fruit are new this year. In addition to winery owner Kim Brind’Amour, who works in a variety of media, Gabrielle Villecourt, Nathan Venables and Allyssa Allison are also showing at that location.

Back this year is the Keremeos home of painter Bonny Roberts, who had a solo show of her colourful work at Osoyoos Art Gallery in the spring.

Showing with her are painters Myra Hammond, Bev Smith and Lisa Zbinden, who also showed last year at Roberts’ house.

Also back this year is Shannon Leonard, daughter of Sharon Leonard, who will be showing her artistic photography at her mother’s home.

Painters Gay Ross and Ilene Steele also return this year to Foster’s studio garden on the south end of Osoyoos near numerous fruit orchards.

Also new this year will be wine tasting at some of the venues. Leonard said she shows her work at Oliver Twist Estate Winery so that winery will be pouring samples at her home. Foster shows at Road 13 Vineyards, which will provide tasting at her location. Forbidden Fruit will offer samples of its wines.

As in past years, the garden settings at the homes are often as impressive as the artworks. Leonard’s home commands a view of Osoyoos Lake and Haynes Point. The other locations all feature pleasant gardens, some next to the artists’ studios.

With the addition of Nathan Venables this year, the previously all-women event this year now includes a male. His work, on which he collaborates with Allison, is furniture and home décor made from wine barrels – a new twist for an event that has mainly focused on paintings and pottery.

Villecourt is a painter who does landscapes with open and free large strokes, said Brind’Amour.

“A little bit like Van Gogh actually,” Brind’Amour said.

Brind’Amour does mosaics, paintings and beaded jewelry.

Thomson used to teach pottery before she moved up Anarchist Mountain, Leonard said. She describes Stoppler as “very creative and very different.”

The weeks before the event are very hectic, Leonard said, with artists doing weeding, sorting their houses and with promoting the event. They’ve also been busy producing new works in the preceding months.

“We try to have new work,” said Leonard. “We’re preparing all year for it in some ways.”

Discussions are already taking place about next year’s event and Leonard hopes Art in the Garden becomes known as an annual event.

“When tourists know they can plan ahead to be there, it makes a difference,” she said. “With all the tourists in Osoyoos, it’s really booming and I think tourists are looking for things to do.”

People are welcome to come and browse, she said, adding that refreshments will be served.

Locations and artists are as follows:

8705 22nd Ave., Osoyoos:

Katie Foster (potter), Gay Ross (painter) and Ilene Steele (painter)

4405 37th St., Osoyoos:

Sharon Leonard (painter), Shannon Leonard (photographer), Lucy Stoppler and Deb Thomson (both potters)

620 Sumac Rd. (south off Hwy. 3 at Forbidden Fruit Winery), Cawston:

Kim Brind’Amour (various media), Gabrielle Villecourt (painter) and Nathan Venables and Allyssa Allison (wine barrel art furniture and décor)

423 Vanderlinde Dr., Keremeos:

Bonny Roberts, Myra Hammond, Bev Smith and Lisa Zbinden (all painters).


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