Incinerate FortisBC’s two-tier rate system immediately, says local reader

By on January 30, 2018

Dear Editor:

Everything was fine until FortisBC got into the electrical power game in British Columbia, along with 16 years of our provincial government’s privatization acts. Since then, we have had plus or minus, 14 electrical rate increases in the last six or seven years amounting to some 44 to 46 per cent.

The disposable income for the average B.C. resident has not come close to increasing to that extent.

At present, FortisBC is yet asking for a further rate increase, which should be unthinkable.

Within the above timeframe came the curse of the two-tier rate system.

Question: What is the percentage of customers who benefit by the two-tier system?

In my mind, it is to the advantage and best, profit making interests of the FortisBC Corporation.

The curse of privatization has also played a significant role in this entire mess as natural resources and public works should never be allowed to be privatized.

Let FortisBC be reminded that electrical rate increases have the same domino effect as rising gasoline prices do on practically all goods and services.

It is with utmost concern and necessity that we all request the disposal of the tier-two electrical rate. It has proven to be a financial disaster for very many people. Phasing-out tier-two over five years is not acceptable, nor beneficial to FortisBC power consumers.

What’s wrong with using the tier-one flat rate system only, as it presently exists?

The two-tier rate system was imposed upon us almost instantly and can surely disappear just as fast.

We could all do with a reduction in the ever inflating costs of living. The time is certainly long, long overdue that consumers get a break.

Under our free enterprise system of government and economics, the Canada-wide domestic debt is spiralling out of control.

The latest Vancouver and Toronto housing market fiascos are only one reason why. About 80 per cent of Canadians are so deep in debt that they will never live long enough to pay their way out.

God help our children.

Do we need more corporate greed to continue destroying people’s livelihood, health and happiness?

What about the large businesses that are dropping out of sight due to their inability to compete any longer?

That’s putting more and more people out on the street.

The Bank of Canada has recently stated that the national domestic debt is a serious threat to the Canadian economy.

Let’s not kid ourselves on this one.

It’s very obvious that we don’t need any further increases in rates, fees, prices, taxes, etc.

As Area C director Rick Knodel of the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS) recently stated in a newspaper article, “Government must reel in corporate (Fortis B.C.) profits.”

I’ll also include all other businesses who are guilty of helping to create poverty. It is definitely the enormous corporate/business profit margins, not workers’ wages, which are undermining people’s financial sustainability.

This issue is, not only a local, but a country-wide matter that seriously needs to be addressed.

May we all encourage our present government, the B.C. Utilities Commission and all other authorities of concern to act co-operatively and favourably for the good of the general public.

Thank you.

James Demetrick

Oliver, B.C.


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