Letter writer says Conservatives shouldn’t run nomination like old boy’s club

By on April 10, 2018

Dear Editor:

The federal Conservative Party has to get rid of all the losers. Get some new people in as candidates for nomination and start with fresh faces.

Marshall Neufeld declared himself again for the nomination as the Conservative candidate in the next election. He lost last time didn’t he? By nearly 5,000 votes didn’t he?

The local Conservatives cannot afford to operate like an old boy’s club. That is not good enough for a leadership process. If the Conservatives want to retake this riding they are going to have to prove it to the electorate by selecting the best and most qualified candidate for the job.

Marshall has volunteered in the party for a long time; selections based on that principle do a disservice to the electorate.

Marshall was Stockwell Day’s “Gopher” in Ottawa for two years. During that time he should have gained some experience dealing and assessing people.

A quick study would have steered clear of Mike Duffy, a long-time trougher going back to Brian Mulroney.

Before Marshall ran for the nomination, he met with my wife to discuss the coming nomination details. She wanted to ensure the process would include the eastern part of the riding and be fair to all members.

When he reached an impasse in the discussion with my wife he got very red in the face, jumped to his feet and began shaking his finger rapidly in my wife’s face as he laid down his version of the rules.

If elected MP, is this how he will deal with constituents with different political views than his?

Last election, Conservatives found out how much the disastrous Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and Senator Patrick Brazeau cost us.

Marshall was impressed with Mike Duffy; on his campaign literature, Mike Duffy’s face and quotations covered the entire flyer. Voters might believe Duffy was running for this seat.

Let’s not repeat the mistakes of the past. We need a nomination process that will deliver a slate of potential nominees for MP to the membership. The Conservative membership deserves a choice.

Ernest Slump

Penticton, BC

Editor’s note: We didn’t see the flyer you referred to with Senator Mike Duffy’s picture and quotes. We did see quotes in the media from Neufeld in August 2015 expressing disappointment with Duffy’s actions.

Perhaps you’ll consider throwing your own hat into the ring?

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