Local MP shouldn’t spend tax dollars constantly bashing Conservatives in newsletter, says reader

By on June 11, 2014
MP Alex Atamanenko (Photo supplied)

MP Alex Atamanenko (Photo supplied)

Dear Editor:

It seems Alex Atamanenko, our Member of Parliament for B.C. Southern Interior, takes his job seriously as opposition to the government elected by the citizens of Canada, but only as a constant campaigner against the Conservative Party and Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

His regular newsletters to his constituents and newspaper editorials tend to imply that the Conservatives have a plan to destroy democracy and that any legislation they propose is “just a bag of dirty tricks.”

In his newspaper contributions, he has a right to say anything he wants to.

But his newsletters, paid for by the taxpayers, were intended to allow a member to report to his constituents. I doubt they were ever intended to provide a continual campaign device between elections.

But it does not have the advantage of not counting as election expenses.

I can’t recall any of his recent newsletters in this he reported what he has achieved for his constituents.

Because of his total focus on attacking the government, it may be that he achieves little to nothing for them.

I expect the constituents in this riding thought they elected him to represent them and their needs, not just to promote the NDP line to condemn whatever the government does.

The way he has been misusing his MP newsletter privilege has to be highly improper and an abuse of his position, in my opinion.

If the Conservatives did this, Atamanenko would surely call it dirty tricks.

On a further note, I was surprised to receive a phone call from Atamanenko during the last provincial election.

He identified himself as “your Member of Parliament” and urged me to vote for the NDP candidate.

I am certain I was not the only voter he called, so there must have been a cost related to those campaign calls.

Can I assume that cost was paid for by federal taxpayers’ and that the cost would not have shown up on the NDP candidates’ expense report?

Again, I believed this to be an inappropriate use of his position as MP, but he would call it dirty tricks if it was done by a member from another political party.

Thank you for your time.

Tony Brummet

Osoyoos, B.C.


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