Local woman praises FortisBC for quality customer service after she launched complaint over her bill

By on April 9, 2014

Dear Editor:

I would like to extend my thanks to the management team in the customer service department with FortisBC and most of all to George Thompson, supervisor, who followed my case to a successful end almost one year later.

Due to technical issues surrounding my old analog meter, FortisBC could not ascertain how much, if at all, my meter had caused my bi-monthly bills to be three times higher than were currently read.

My daily average consumption up to February of 2013 was 65 kw/h and Thompson has confirmed that our daily usage is 19 kw/h.

I am thrilled and relieved at the tremendous savings my new smart meter has generated for this household.

Thompson spoke with me and issued me a formal apology and any outstanding amounts left on my account would be written off.

I was also commended on my patience with them and my having stuck with it until upper management was given a chance to be consulted.

I am very pleased at how my case was handled by FortisBC, this all being done outside of a courtroom.

All of the readers out there must no doubt think how difficult it was for an arm of the government to apologize and say they made a mistake.

Perhaps if all of you phone customer service, maybe they will make time to actually listen to your problems and help solve those unseemingly high electric bills.

For me in particular, my trust has been restored in this company and I am impressed they are not just plain old money grabbers, but human beings trying to do their job.

Thank you for listening to a satisfied FortisBC customer and thank you for publishing this letter about my experience.

Josephine Ritonja

Osoyoos, B.C.


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