Man ‘framed’ over ‘stolen’ vehicles gets 40 days in separate fraud case

By on December 18, 2013
Steve Condon. (File photo Richard McGuire)

Steve Condon. (File photo Richard McGuire)

Former Osoyoos resident Steve Condon received a 40-day intermittent jail term Monday in Penticton provincial court on fraud charges.

In an unrelated incident, Condon recently alleged that he was set up to take the blame in the case of two vehicles reported stolen from the residence of Osoyoos RCMP Constable Amit Goyal late in 2012. Goyal is currently suspended from the RCMP with full pay.

The fraud charges stem from a June 2012 incident in Osoyoos involving a bad cheque. Condon was convicted Oct. 1 on three counts of fraud and was in court Monday for sentencing.

In the vehicle incident, Condon underwent a lie detector examination in May in Langley which he said established his innocence.

Condon said he planned to sue the RCMP over the way he was treated in the Goyal incident, but now he says the lawsuit will wait until he puts the fraud incident behind him.


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