Michael McWhinnie’s sentencing hearing delayed until September

By on July 2, 2014

A sentencing date of Sept. 3 has been set for an Osoyoos man who pleaded guilty to a charge of theft over $5,000 earlier this year.

Michael McWhinnie was facing charges of theft and fraud in relation to the theft of $40,000 from the Osoyoos Rural Fire Protection District.

He was originally scheduled to be sentenced on June 23, but the sentencing hearing was re-scheduled to early September.

McWhinnie, a retired teacher, served as a trustee for the district for a number of years.

Most recently, his home on 33rd Street in Osoyoos went up in flames and was deemed to be a write-off by the Osoyoos Fire Department.

McWhinnie, 67, pleaded guilty recently to fraud and theft over $5,000 from the Osoyoos Rural Fire Protection District.

The fire destroyed the home on the Osoyoos East Bench. Cause of the fire remains under investigation.

McWhinnie is a retired elementary school teacher who taught in Osoyoos for more than 30 years. McWhinnie made his first court appearance and his guilty plea in March.

He told the Osoyoos Times in April that he has battled depression most all of his adult life. He offered no excuses for taking the money. He said that virtually all the money has been repaid.


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