Oliver woman thanks MP for wonderful hospitality during recent Ottawa trip

By on February 28, 2017

Dear Editor:

This is an open letter to our local Member of Parliament Richard Cannings.

I want to thank you for making my recent trip to Ottawa such a success.

Having the opportunity to talk with you personally, learn about your work for our riding and get a private tour of the Parliament buildings to augment the public one was really special. My friend and I both thoroughly enjoyed lunch with you at the Parliament restaurant and a chance to see MPs and Senators we had previously only seen on television.   

I also want to applaud the work you are doing to promote a national park here in the South Okanagan.

The speech you gave in the House of Commons on Feb. 21 gave such a clear history of the efforts to preserve our endangered desert grasslands as part of a national plan to protect the full range of ecosystems across this country.

The depth of your knowledge, your calm but passionate statement of values most of us hold dear and the clear and concise way you were able to convey means to solve issues like complex land ownership and competing interests gave me renewed hope for a national park here.    

Although the B.C. government pulled out of the process to move forward with the national park,  I note they have finally agreed to re-enter negotiations with a provincial election pending.

Thank you for giving us voice at a national level while we work locally to see this area gets the national park our grasslands and our people deserve.

Marion Boyd

Oliver, B.C.

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