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A large crowd from the local arts community will be on hand Saturday as the Osoyoos Art Gallery officially changes its name to the Osoyoos Arts Centre. During the same ceremony, the annual Festive Treasures Christmas art show will kick off for the season. Numerous local artists are expected to attend as will members of town council and the art gallery’s board of directors. Photo by Keith Lacey.



There are a couple of reasons for members of the local artistic community to get excited about this coming weekend.
Not only is the Osoyoos Art Gallery going to have its name changed, but the annual Festive Treasures Christmas art show is set to kick off once again with a special ceremony on Saturday between noon and 2 p.m.
Instead of being called the Osoyoos Art Gallery, the building on Main Street is going to have its name changed to the Osoyoos Arts Centre, said board deputy chair Roy Wood.
“For about 25 years, the building really hasn’t had a name … it was known locally as the building where the art gallery is located,” said Wood. “As a board, a decision was made at our annual general meeting earlier this year to give it a name and we came up with the Osoyoos Arts Centre.
“We feel that’s more appropriate because the building is not only a gallery, but we have numerous arts groups from the community who use the building on a regular basis.”
The local Artists on Main organization has been using space inside the building for years, as have potters, wood carvers and other groups, said Wood.
“It is much more than an art gallery and we wanted to reflect that by changing the name to the Osoyoos Arts Centre,” he said. “It is a centre where various artists in our community gather on a regular basis. By changing the name we believe it will better reflect what goes on inside the building.”
Saturday’s ceremony will include officially unveiling the new sign installed in front of the building as well as kick off the annual Festive Treasures Christmas art show, he said.
For a community with a population of around 5,000 people, the Town of Osoyoos is blessed to have a facility like this that is very popular with local residents and the tens of thousands of tourists who flock here every spring, summer and fall, said Wood.
“It’s a very active building for a town of 5,000 people,” he said. “We have an active arts community in town and we’re glad so many people use the facility on a regular basis.”
Wood said he’s confident the Osoyoos Arts Centre is going to remain a busy and popular place for many years to come.
“We’re pretty excited about the future, that’s for sure,” he said.
Tony Brummet, a director on the board, said the annual Festive Treasures show always brings excitement to the local arts community.
“We have a number of shows spread throughout the year, but the annual Festive Treasures Christmas show is always one of our most popular,” he said.
The purpose of the Festive Treasures show – which kicks off Saturday and runs until Saturday, Dec. 22 – is to promote local artists and showcase their work in various mediums, while enticing local citizens to not only look at the artwork on display, but also purchase it during the busy holiday season, said Brummet.
“Almost all of the artwork during this show is produced by local artists,” he said.
“We might have the odd artist from Penticton, Keremeos or Grand Forks, but we try and concentrate on giving local artists the spotlight during the show. The whole idea behind the show is that the work on display is original and almost all local.
“This is an opportunity for many of our local artists to show off their work and sell it during the Christmas season.”
The response from local citizens is generally very receptive to the Festive Treasures show, he said.
Art work from a variety of mediums will be on display during the show, he said.
“There will be original paintings, but also pottery, Christmas cards, woodwork and even chocolate making with a Christmas theme,” he said.
Almost 30 local artists will have their work on display during this year’s Festive Treasures show, said Brummet.
Several of those artists are expected to attend Saturday’s official launch of the show.
Mayor Stu Wells and several members of town council are also expected to attend, he said.
Many local residents have made a regular habit out of attending the Festive Treasures Christmas show and purchasing art work from local artists as gifts for family members and friends, said Brummet.
With Christmas only a few weeks away, the show always attracts good crowds of all ages, said Brummet.
The Osoyoos Arts Centre’s hours of operation will continue to be between noon and 4 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday through the holiday season, said Brummet.

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