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Teagan Adams, 10, says he’s not nervous and very much looking forward to pitching his idea Doogoods, a card game where children would do nice things for each other, when he travels to the set of Dragons’ Den in Toronto on May 5. Photo by Keith Lacey.

Not many 10 year olds know who Kevin O’Leary, Arlene Dickinson, Robert Herjavec, Jim Treliving and Bruce Coxon are, but Teagan Adams isn’t any normal little boy.
The talented Osoyoos youngster, along with his mother Chantelle, are finalizing plans to leave for Toronto next week as they will make a pitch to the members of Dragons’ Den, the wildly-popular CBC television program.
While there’s no guarantee Teagan’s idea for a new game called “Doogoods” will make the final cut when he appears before the five millionaires who have become household names in Canada, his mother likes his chances.
“He’s going to make a direct pitch to the dragons and it will be filmed,” said his proud mother. “The producers then make the final decision about what goes on air based on the entertainment value during the pitch.
“What we have been told by the producers is that kids get some of the best ratings on the show and we think we have a very good product and idea, so I’m hopeful we’ll get through to actually being on national TV.”
Teagan, a Grade 5 student at Osoyoos Elementary School, was selected to make the trip to Toronto and appear on the set of Dragons’ Den after making a successful pitch to producers in Kelowna several weeks ago.
He got the call to make the trip to Toronto to meet the dragons early last week.
The entire Adams family are avid viewers of the program, said Chantelle.
“We watch it every Wednesday as a family,” she said, saying her husband Justin and four children, like millions of other Canadians, are hooked on the program, which features five of Canada’s wealthiest entrepreneurs listening to business ideas, with the option of investing their own money for a slice of ownership in companies they believe in.
During one family discussion, Teagan’s mother suggested he come up with an idea that would be entertaining and fun for kids his age, while joking maybe one day he could appear on Dragons’ Den.
“Teagan went back to his room and he came up with the idea within a couple of hours,” she said. “This happened over Christmas last year … he’s been working on it ever since.”
What Teagan has come up with is inventing six characters that, like the name implies, “do good” things for other people.
Some of his characters include Beamer, a “yellow blob” that gives smiles out to everyone free of charge; Palmer, who gives high fives; Chizam, who helps make dreams come true; Adulade, who constantly hands out compliments; and Scribblet, who writes thank you notes after doing good deeds for people.
The idea is to create dozens of characters on playing cards who do good deeds for others and accumulate points.
“Ultimately, what he’s looking at is creating 10 characters for every letter in the alphabet … that would be 260 characters,” said Chantelle. “Each character would perform good deeds for other people. The idea is to collect all of these characters and cards and trade them. It’s all about having fun, while promoting social responsibility among young people.”
During his pitch on Dragons’ Den, Teagan plans on asking the dragons for a $25,000 investment for a 50 per cent stake in the Doogoods brand name.
If his pitch is successful and he were to get the money, it would be spent on developing a final prototype for the card game and going into production, said Chantelle.
Teagan said he’s confident Arlene Dickinson is going to listen closely to what he’s trying to do with Doogoods.
“Arlene is my favourite because she’s the nicest and the easiest to make a deal with, especially with kids,” he said.
While Teagan will make the official pitch to the dragons, his mother will be close by to help out and explain the concept if needed.
“The pitch is 100 per cent up to Teagan, but I will be there to answer any questions the dragons might have in terms of marketing or promotion because that’s my field of expertise.”
Teagan said he’s excited, but not nervous about the trip to Toronto and meeting five of Canada’s most well-known television personalities.
If Teagan’s pitch catches the eyes of producers, it will appear on the 2013 version of the show and will likely go to air next spring.
Patrick Ollila, a family friend and talented artist, has volunteered his time to make replicas of Teagan’s six characters in time for his appearance on the show.
Teagan and his mom and dad will have a busy summer no matter what happens in Toronto. They had previously planned a trip to Kenya to help build a new school in the impoverished Third World nation, but that trip scheduled for April has been postponed.
They don’t know when they will be heading to Africa, but the organizer is hopeful it will happen  this summer, she said.

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  1. Laura Anderson

    April 25, 2012 at 12:54 pm

    Good luck Teagan! I would buy two of your games for my Grandchildren. You have a great imagination!
    I hope to hear more about your game!

  2. maria

    June 3, 2012 at 5:35 am

    Wishing you the best of luck Teagan!

    I am publishing your story on my website “Kids Who Make A Difference”.


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