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Dear Editor:

I was very disappointed with Bob Gibney’s (area supervisor with FortisBC) one-sided opinion on why we should have smart meters installed in our homes or businesses here in Osoyoos.
Without further discussion, his statement that “you would be the first municipality in the province to show official support” should make our decision a “no brainer.”
There are very valid reasons why people are so objectionable to smart meters. Gibney conveniently avoided the adversities of smart maters all through his presentation to Mayor Stu Wells and members of town council.
Plain and simple, research has documented the potential health hazards of excessive EMF (electromagnetic field) emissions.
Certain people, and some more than others, are very sensitive to the adverse effects of EMF emissions.
In other parts of the world, notably the United States and Australia, where smart meters have been installed, numerous symptoms and sickness have been documented, necessitating the removal of such meters.
The list of health challenges is long. Fortunately, most of these short-term effects usually diminish or resolve with the removal of these meters.
Of a more serious nature, with long-term exposure to EMF is, of course, cancer.
Even though smart meters have not been in existence long enough to make this claim, other wireless devices have.
Reports from California indicate that monthly power bills increased, not decreased. And if these electrical utility companies are saving money, why are the savings not passed on to us, the consumer, rather than going back to FortisBC, as stated by Gibney?
I, for one, don’t want a smart meter hanging on the opposite side of a wall of a room I’m spending hours in per day, or worse yet, sleeping in.
There has been no long-term research to determine what effect these smart meters will have on the health of people or animals.
Again, research has documented various health issues associated with wireless modalities when used in excess or in close proximity to people.
Smart meters, being a wireless device, have the same hazardous potential.
Smart meters are also an invasion of privacy. They will allow the power companies to know what appliances you have, how often and when you use them.
According to Dr. Karl Maret, MD and biomedical engineer, smart meters emit a pulsed wave of microwave energy that is always on.
Unlike using a cellphone or sitting too close to your television, you have no control in turning your smart meter off.
The pulsating waves are always on or emitting frequencies that are potentially hazardous to your health.
Children are more vulnerable, thus much more readily susceptible to absorbing these waves, especially in brain tissue.
In fact, nearly 50 per cent of children’s cancers involve brain tumours.
Electro Magnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS) effects approximately five per cent or more of the general population. These people often experience any one or more of the symptoms, including headaches, sleep problems, ringing in the ears, ear pain, nausea, dizziness and agitation.
This EHS phenomenon, also recognized by the World Health Organization, is also known as Ideopathic Environmental Intolerance (IEI-EMF). Known biological effects of high frequency electromagnetic fields are damaging to DNA and genes, disruption of cell communication, potentially long-term increased cancer risk, danger to electroencephalogram and brain blood flow and genotoxic effects.
These are all findings from an extensive study carried out by 16 European countries and Japan between 2000-2004.
The research is very clear that high frequency EMF waves are potentially hazardous to our health.
Smart meters utilize high frequency pulsed waves which are always “on.”
EMF waves penetrate through building walls in the surrounding area and not only the individual buildings they are attached do.
There have been zero safety tests carried out by the manufacturers and installers.
EMF radiation is accumulative in our bodies over time. It does not accumulate and clear from our bodies day-to-day, but rather builds up to damaging levels over time.
Say no to smart meters as they are a potential health hazard and an invasion of our privacy.
Let’s keep meter reader jobs and, most importantly, our health and privacy.

Gordon P. Reinhold,
Osoyoos, B.C.

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  1. Donna Black

    May 31, 2012 at 12:25 pm

    We are one of many families who do not want smart meters attached to any dwelling in which we live. Since we are renters rather than homeowners, I don’t know if there is much we can do about it or not. It would be nice if this paper would publish an article outlining what everyone who is opposed to “smart” meters can do to prevent FortisBC from forcing something on us that we do NOT want.

  2. Darlene

    May 31, 2012 at 12:27 pm

    Thanks for the much needed information Dr.Reinhold I am with you on this issue! let us not have Smart Meters imposed on us here!!

  3. Sharon

    June 1, 2012 at 7:50 pm

    I couldn’t agree more with Dr. Reinhold about the many concerns with smart meters. There is no benefit to them except for the corporations who are making fortunes selling gadgets which have so many problems. From health and costs, to privacy and security, we will pay in so many ways. And we had no voice or choice about this. There are hundreds of thousands of families refusing to allow these transmitters to be put on their homes. If anyone wants more information go to http://www.stopsmartmetersbc.ca. Whether Hydro or Fortis, this program must be stopped.

  4. Martha

    June 1, 2012 at 11:21 pm

    To Donna and others interested, who are opposed to installation of smart meters. Please go to the Citizens for Safe Technology website. They have “No Installation” forms you can download and fill in to put on your old meter and also form letters to send to Hydro, Corix, the Premier,members of parliament, etc. and your district council members by email and snail mail. Also you can make some sort of cage with a lock to protect your meter and remember to post a do not install sign and a no trespassing sign on your property. Good luck and keep up the fight. It is your right to refuse these so-called smart meters. I am not letting anyone install on my property without a court order. Martha from Vancouver Island

  5. Jonathan B. "Jack" Sevy

    June 20, 2012 at 8:41 pm

    Be aware that there will almost certainly be a small charge for reading your old-style meter. Penticton priced it high, but public criticism forced a reevaluation and price reduction.

    It’s around $5 per reading, I think. Cheap insurance. Cancelling cable TV for the summer would pay for the whole year, and your family would be doubly blessed as we return to simpler, saner living.

  6. Mike

    April 5, 2013 at 5:00 pm

    Chiropractor’s: the same folks that tried to tell us autism was caused by vaccinations.

    You shouldnt be able to call yourself a Dr (within the healthcare industry) unless you’ve actually been to medical school…

    Too many pseudo experts providing pseudo science on this topic…

  7. Mike

    April 5, 2013 at 5:06 pm

    Here’s the facts (source is an RF engineer from the telecom industry…no conflicts of interest of any kind):

    So how does a smart meter’s power output compare to other ordinary devices in the same power range? Well, first of all, a smart meter is almost never transmitting anything at all. Ours transmit for a total of about one minute a day, about .07% of the time. During those brief pulses, standing two feet away from the smart meter while it’s transmitting exposes you to:

    About half of what you’d get in a Starbuck’s with Wi-Fi
    About half of using laptop computer
    Less than 2% of what you’d get using the most powerful walkie-talkie
    Less than 1/3 of what you’d get holding the most powerful cell phone to your head
    Or about .002 of what you’d get putting your face 2 inches from a running microwave oven.

    None of those far more powerful devices has ever caused a problem, nor should we expect them to. Radio, usually considered to be that part of the electromagnetic spectrum ranging from about 3 KHz to about 300 GHz, is way below the energy levels (no matter the intensity) of ionizing radiation, which is the point at which radiation is energetic enough to strip electrons and cause molecular damage. This range begins at around 1 PHz (petahertz).

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