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In the wonderful game of hockey, any decent coach will tell their players to give it everything they have, leave it all on the ice and hope that it’s enough to win.
The dedicated and committed residents of Osoyoos who gave it their all during the past two months to have our town named Kraft Hockeyville for 2012 can walk proudly and smile even after it was revealed Saturday night on Hockey Night in Canada we had failed to make the Top 5 communities in the popular national contest.
About 100 local residents showed up at the Sonora Centre to once again show how much this community has rallied and pulled together during the long run to be named Hockeyville.
At the end of the day, West Kelowna ended up making the Top 5 as the winner of the Pacific region, as they had more than one million votes.
Congratulations are in order to West Kelowna and that town’s successful bid. They will be among the favourites to win it all when the winner is announced on March 31.
Just reaching the final 15 is a truly remarkable and proud achievement for this town and citizens.
Councillor Mike Plante spoke eloquently Saturday night from the Sonora Centre when he commented it was disappointing to not make the Top 5, but it has been phenomenal seeing the community come together the way it has these past two months.
Cathy Martins, the local hockey fanatic who led the charge by originally submitting the town’s entry into the Kraft Hockeyville website back in January, deserves a lot of credit for all her hard work. But as Martins said modestly, none of her hard work would have meant much if local residents didn’t jump on board with passion and spirit.
For a town this size to register 200,000 votes on a website remains an amazing accomplishment and each and every person who cast a vote – or hundreds of them – should be very proud.
Martins has made it very clear she wants to lead the charge again next year and there’s little doubt she’s going to have a lot of people more than willing to help.
It was a fun and wild ride to see so much enthusiasm and community spirit displayed by so many. Sometimes it’s not if you win, but how you play the game and residents of this community put their heart and souls into this contest and it made for a very memorable few weeks and put Osoyoos on the national stage.
It was amazing to witness and every single person who got involved should be walking and talking proud.

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  1. Former Resident

    March 29, 2012 at 1:59 pm

    I don’t live in Osoyoos anymore, I did grow up and go to school there however. I learned of the contest and website via Facebook and was happy to be able to cast my multiple votes as often as I could! I really hoped Osoyoos would win but realistically when I read that Kelowna, and other larger towns, were in the running I felt they may get pushed out by the “big guys” but happy to hear that Osoyoos made the top 15 atleast!!! Yay! Maybe better luck next year!

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