Osoyoos woman reunited with beloved pet after thief steals her car

By on December 12, 2017

Hazel Ellis (right) of Osoyoos was devastated when her car was stolen on Sunday in Oliver with her beloved dog Mia inside. Sue Schaffrick (left) found Mia when she was walking Monday morning near Oliver Elementary School. (Contributed photo)

She lost her vehicle, her money, her identification and Christmas gifts, but all of that paled in comparison to what she could have lost forever.

Her beloved “Mia.”

Hazel Ellis from Osoyoos is counting her blessings right now after being reunited with her Yorkie/Shih Tzu cross after the dog was stolen along with her vehicle on Sunday.

Ellis was delivering The Province newspaper at the Chevron gas station in Oliver when a thief jumped into her Honda CRV and took off while Mia was sitting in the front seat.

Ellis had left the vehicle running and quickly took the newspapers inside just before 6 a.m. In a matter of seconds, someone drove the vehicle away; all she saw was the tail lights disappearing.

“I couldn’t believe it. I was shocked!” Ellis said, noting she didn’t see anyone around when she pulled up to the station.

Her immediate worry was that she might never see Mia again, so all of her efforts were geared towards getting her back. She noted that people were looking everywhere for Mia, even on Black Sage Road and on the way to Mount Baldy.

“I was just sick about my dog. I didn’t care about all the other stuff.”

Ellis said her purse and all of her money, credit cards and identification were in the car, along with some Christmas presents that she had purchased for needy teenagers.

“I couldn’t even get in my house (because I had no keys)!” she exclaimed.

But her heart jumped when she heard the news that Mia was found by a woman (Sue Schaffrick) who was out walking early Monday morning near Oliver Elementary School.

“I burst into tears. It was getting so hard to keep my hopes up,” Ellis said.

Apparently the thief dropped Mia off on the side of the road.

The tearful reunion definitely depicted the deep bond that Mia and Ellis have. Ellis can’t thank everyone enough for helping during her ordeal.

As for being violated like that, she said it’s something that shakes your life.

“It’s scary now.”

But Ellis noted it’s so nice to see people come forward to help during a personal crisis.

The RCMP could not be reached for comment for further details on the theft.


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  1. Concerned citizen

    December 11, 2017 at 1:54 pm

    So glad she was reunited with her dog.

    But it is vital to always lock your car when you leave it, even for a few moments.

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