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Teagan Adams, 10, a Grade 5 student at Osoyoos Elementary School, will make his pitch for his proposed board game called Doogoods on Dragons’ Den on Halloween night. The talented youngster was in Toronto in May to tape the show.Teagan will dress up as Kevin ‘Mr. Wonderful’ O’Leary while trick or treating the same evening. Photo supplied.

When 10-year-old Teagan Adams walked onto the set of Dragons’ Den back in May, he was singing a song to promote his new board game called Doogoods. It didn’t take long for Canadian billionaire Kevin O’Leary to tell the Osoyoos youngster to “not quit his day job.”
That will be one of the many lasting memories for Adams, who along with his mother Chantelle, travelled to CBC headquarters in downtown Toronto back in May after Teagan’s proposal to develop a new board game earned him a trip to the set of Dragons’ Den – the nation’s most popular television series.
Adams, a Grade 5 student at Osoyoos Elementary School, will appear on Dragons’ Den as part of a “student special” episode of the wildly popular television program on Halloween night.
Producers of the show ask everyone who appears on Dragons’ Den to not reveal exactly what happened during the taping of the show to try and keep ratings high, said Teagan’s mother.
“They have no problem promoting the fact that we made the final cut on the show, but they ask that we not reveal exactly what happened because they obviously want as many people watching as possible,” she said.
During his pitch on Dragons’ Den, Teagan made up a song to try and promote Doogoods, which he sang to the panel that includes well-known Canadian investors Jim Treliving, Robert Herjavec, Arlene Dickinson, Bruce Croxon and newcomer  David Chilton.
“I walked on the set singing my song and Kevin O’Leary looked at me right away and told me to not give up my day job, which was pretty funny,” said the talented local youngster. “I listened to him and realized I might have to improve my singing.”
Ironically, Teagan came up for the idea for his new board game while he and his family were watching an episode of Dragons’ Den around the Christmas holiday season last year.
Teagan invented six characters that like to “do good” things for other people. His idea was to create dozens of characters on playing cards who do good deeds for others, while accumulating points in the process.
The long-term plan, if he is successful in getting business partners on board, is to create 10 characters for every letter in the alphabet and make a board game that would be popular with children of all ages, he said.
During his pitch on Dragons’ Den, Teagan not only informed the dragons about his board game idea, but also asked for an investment of $30,000 for a 50 per cent stake in the game.
Teagan made the entire pitch by himself, but his mother was asked to come out and answer a few questions from the panel during the taping of the show back in May.
“Teagan did a terrific job by himself, but Arlene Dickinson asked me to come out and wanted to meet me when she found out I was waiting backstage,” she said. “They were all very impressed with Teagan’s presentation and I tried to answer a few questions they had about the game.”
Neither Teagan or his mother had ever been to Toronto before and they thoroughly enjoyed their visit before the taping of the show.
“It’s a lot different than Osoyoos, that’s for sure,” said Teagan.
His mother agreed.
“We were only there for a couple of days, but we were right downtown and we got to see a lot of things like going up the CN Tower, walking around downtown Toronto and going on the subway,” she said. “We also stayed with a girlfriend of mine who I hadn’t seen in a very long time, so that was great too.”
The entire Adams family, which includes Dad Justin and two brothers and a sister, are regular viewers of Dragons’ Den. Teagan’s favourite Dragon, by far, is Dickinson and that didn’t change following his appearance on the show.
“She’s very nice and easy to talk to,” he said.
O’Leary comes across as the “bad guy” on many  episodes of the show, but he’s actually very funny and easy to talk to as well, he said.
“They were all very nice to me,” he said. “I was on the show with a bunch of other students so maybe Kevin was nicer to us kids than he is to the adults.”
Teagan said he wasn’t nervous at all before heading onto the set of a show watched by millions of Canadians every week.
“I was nervous before the taping, but once I walked down the stairs and onto the set I was OK,” he said. “It was a great experience.”
Because the show is being broadcast across the nation on Halloween night, Teagan’s parents are going to take Teagan and his siblings out trick or treating early in the evening before settling down in front of the television to watch Teagan’s performance.
Because his appearance on Dragons’ Den has made Teagan somewhat of a celebrity at his school, the entire student body and entire faculty at Osoyoos Elementary School are going to watch a streamed version of the show as part of a school assembly the following day on November 1.

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  1. L S

    October 10, 2012 at 4:36 pm

    Good for Teagan! That’s a wonderful achievement and I hope it inspires many of his classmates. If my memory serves me, it’s not the first Teagan’s been recognized for outstanding achievements…

    Not too sure, though, where Osoyoos Times got the idea that Dragon’s Den is “the nation’s most popular television series”…

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