Paved Canal Trail is jewel in almost perfect town

By on January 23, 2018

Dear Editor:

Once in a while, something so positive happens that it verges on the criminal to keep silent.

The Canal Trail, beginning just below the high school, was once only a stroll for the hardy with its pebbly terrain. A little dangerous for those with mobility issues.

But now it is eight feet of smooth pavement, unfurling for strollers and skateboarders and cyclists and walkers with walkers.

I’ve even seen a baby taking his first uncertain steps there. People walking hand-in-hand and hands behind backs and those trailing dogs large and small. It’s a great delight!

The new and improved Canal Trail is now a beautiful swooping, swirling (in the tunnel beneath Hwy 3) and even romantic (beneath the cathedral of leaves at the far elbow) adventure for walkers, hikers, strollers, those keen to cruise through the local desert, alongside sagebrush and mulberry bushes and orchards and vineyards.

The paved section now ducks under Hwy 3 and then circles the airport, linking with the paved trail alongside Hwy 3.

Walking the trail in the spring or summer under the cathedral of leaves at the elbow, before the incline up to the highway – the Sistine Chapel pales.

Surveys have shown that people in the South Okanagan most appreciate the fresh air we enjoy. That’s the number one benefit cited. No better place to inhale our freshest of fresh air on the outskirts of our tiny, almost perfect town.

To some dog owners: You know who you are – please pick up! We’re not talking about the phone.

To the Town of Osoyoos: A wise use of the hotel room tax allocation. Our Canal Trail will be a fabulous and health-generating asset for residents and visitors for generations.

To those town employees/contractors who have done such a good job of keeping it clear during the winter – makes such a difference! And Wow! Light standards have just been erected this month, from the entrance to the gate at the new fire hall road. The deer send their thanks.

Which begs the question: When might we be treated to a fully paved Canal Trail, all the way to the entrance/exit below the Desert Centre? That would be the cherry on top of this outdoor delight.

To the walkers and wanderers on the Canal Trail: Bring a bag and an occasional broom to do our part to keep pristine this ribbon of nature’s observatory.

To the dreamers whose creations bring smiles to the passing parade, the winter’s been benign so far and faith in your fellow man (and woman) has been confirmed. Nicely done.

You will even find a cheeky political statement along the trail.

To those who have yet to venture on the new and improved Canal Trail: It’s a tonic in any weather, friends. A new jewel garlanding our tiny, semi-perfect town.

David Yanor,

Osoyoos, B.C.


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  1. Dave Drought

    January 27, 2018 at 8:50 am

    Well written, David. Weather permitting, I’ll make the journey
    to have a little walk on this gem. Thanks for the review.

  2. ernie demko

    February 7, 2018 at 3:44 pm

    Great write up, met Dave on the trail today, we sat on one of the benches provided along the trail and had a great visit. Have met so many nice people and their pets along the walk, will be great when all the light standards are up and working for those evening walks this summer when it`s to hot to walk in the hot sun.

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