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I’m Mischa Popoff, a family man, business man, and author of the critically acclaimed book, Is it Organic?
I’m a policy advisor for The Heartland Institute, a Research Associate for The Frontier Centre for Public Policy and have delivered countless talks in defense of science-based public policy.
I was recently fired by John Cummins, leader of the B.C. Conservatives, for comments I made in political columns that have been published in The Kelowna Daily Courier over the last seven years.
I’m accused of being insensitive to women because I support families over single motherhood – something single mothers themselves support – and because I said the Inquiry into Missing Women was a complete waste of time given that no police were reprimanded in any way for failing to investigate the 49 disappearances from Vancouver’s Eastside.
I’ve been a conservative all my life. My dad always explained that Tommy Douglas and Roy Romanow were small “c” conservative premiers in Saskatchewan because they paid off the debt before launching social programs.
British Columbians are tired of being taxed to death just to fund lavish salary and benefits packages for provincial civil “servants” that the rest of us can only dream of.
This has to stop!
It’s time to pay down the debt, shrink government, and give power back to the farmers, loggers and small business people who make this province run.
B.C. now exports less goods and services than the province of Saskatchewan. And we have four times the population! That’s what happens when a succession of NDP and Liberal governments stand idly by and let the public-service sector grow out of control.
And this brings us to the two-tiered rate hikes being forced upon British Columbians.
FortisBC, hand-in-glove with bureaucrats and politicians in Victoria, want you to believe this is being done for your own good; that by increasing your monthly bills you’ll learn to conserve energy.
Right … and the carbon tax is for our own good I suppose? And the HST as well?
Stop trying to control our behaviour Victoria! This is our province. And you work for us!
Who in this province doesn’t already conserve energy? No one wastes their hard-earned money leaving lights on.
My wife and I recently installed a high-tech heat exchanger.
It’s supposed to cut down on our gas bill by using electricity, which we were told this province has an abundance of.
But after the rate hikes we shut off the electric function and have gone back to gas.
How exactly does this help the environment? We’re still using the same amount of energy in the end.
Bureaucrats are so obtuse.
I grew up on a grain farm in Saskatchewan and pride myself on frugality.
It’s time to stop stealing from seniors on fixed pensions, farmers operating on narrow profit margins, and skilled trades people who’ve been laid off thanks to the province’s sluggish economy.
Where exactly are any of us supposed to find more money to pay these new rates and taxes?
We can’t all work for the government.
It’s time to send a clear message to Victoria to Give Us Our Power Back, and please… Stop Taxing Us for Using Our Power!
What’s yours is yours, right? Not the government’s.
Tell them so on May 14..

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