RCMP commander Sgt. Kevin Schur is moving on to Kelowna-based training job

By on August 20, 2014
RCMP Sgt. Kevin Schur

RCMP Sgt. Kevin Schur

After nine years in the South Okanagan, Osoyoos RCMP Detachment Commanding Officer Sgt. Kevin Schur is moving on.

Schur will be based in Kelowna and will be teaching and coordinating two RCMP leadership courses. The date he’ll be starting in the new role has not yet been determined.

“It depends on when they release me from my current job,” said Schur. “I was actually chosen for this job almost six months ago, but they wanted to keep me here for the summer of course because it’s so busy and they haven’t got a replacement for me.”

Schur said an interim replacement hasn’t been named either. However when he takes two weeks leave starting this week, Cpl. Jason Bayda will be in charge.

Schur and his wife Kim will be moving from Oliver to Penticton where their children already go to school and are in French immersion.

Both Schur and his wife are already involved in the Penticton community where she is the commanding officer of the Army Cadets Corps.

Schur has been commanding officer at the Osoyoos Detachment for the past three years. Prior to that he was in charge of the Integrated Border Enforcement Team, a specialized unit of the RCMP, for three years.

When he began with the RCMP in South Okanagan, he held several supervisory roles with what was then the Oliver-Osoyoos Detachment.

“I’ve really enjoyed my time here,” said Schur. “I also ran the border enforcement team out of here as well, which went along the border and not just Osoyoos by any means. I really enjoyed working with the town, especially in the last three years. We’ve done some innovative things and it’s made a difference.”

Among those innovations is an agreement with the Town of Osoyoos that allows RCMP officers to spend time working on the town’s priorities. Schur has also been involved in innovations affecting policing during the summer, such as issuing expulsion letters to troublemakers that warn them they can be charged if they don’t leave.

“We also worked with the hotel and motel owners quite a bit over the last three years and that’s made a big difference,” Schur said.

This has involved making sure they follow the rules of the Innkeepers Act, thereby preventing criminals from coming to town anonymously.

Schur said he has also enjoyed working with U.S. officials in his role with this border community.

Despite being based in Kelowna, Schur will be teaching two-week training programs at the Pacific Region Training Centre of the RCMP in Chilliwack and at the headquarters building in Vancouver.

The leadership, management and performance management courses are for new supervisors or supervisors entering a new level or taking on new responsibilities. They will be directed at a full gamut of RCMP supervisory ranks including sergeant, corporal and staff sergeant.

“I enjoy teaching and facilitating,” said Schur, adding that the new role is both a family move and a career move.

“I really appreciate all the support the community has given to the police while I’ve been here,” he said. “And all the support from other agencies I’ve worked with as well.”


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