Residents of interior of B.C. shouldn’t have to pay for ‘coast and island freeloaders’

By on January 2, 2018

Dear Editor:

There are a few things that have been on my mind lately.

Firstly, I believe Greyhound buses should carry “first class mail” to Canadians. These buses run 24//7 every day of the year and post office general mail, parcels and freight can still be moved by trucking companies.

The buses would not have to be subsidized. Millions of Canadians cannot afford to fly, yet they must travel. Using buses makes the most sense to me, especially for the immediate and near future.

Fighting wildfires will be a major summer and fall activity in B.C. and the Pacific Northwest States for a very long time:

Speaking of firefighting, I wonder why we cannot use convicts serving time in provincial and federal prisons.

In the winter and spring, they could be employed in thinning out the forests and burning deadwood trees, slash and stumps.

In other matters, the new B.C. NDP premier has removed all tolls from Lower Mainland bridges.

John Horgan’s “vote” remains almost exclusively in or near Greater Vancouver and Vancouver Island. City states like this are an old concept that was first introduced by the ancient Greeks.

History repeats itself, so B.C.’s Interior and north folks should prepare themselves for heavy tax rate increases.

The bridges must be paid for and new ferries will have to be built and paid for as well.

The day cannot be far off when the term “tax revolts” will soon be a daily common occurrence in this province.

Another good idea for the future, I believe, is to move the provincial capital from Victoria to Kamloops.

After the initial cost of the move, one department could be moved every year so the disruption would be minimal.

The long-term savings would more than compensate for the move. The ideal location would be the Crown land just south of the city on Highway 5.

Government would be vastly more efficient.

The people of Brazil, finally moved their capital city 600 miles northwest to the new city of Brasilia.

History’s oldest lesson to learn is, I reiterate, that history does indeed repeat itself.     

The simple fact that residents who live in B.C.’s interior “must go without” to fund the “coast and Island freeloaders” is the last concern people from Chilliwack to Victoria think about these days.

Only in Canada, eh?

Ernie Slump

Canadian Army


Penticton, B.C.


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