Rhodes ‘rants’ about previous ‘rant’ and urges fellow councillors to speak their minds more

By on April 10, 2018

Town of Osoyoos councillor C.J. Rhodes said he received nothing but support for a recent “rant” on the subject of marijuana. (Richard McGuire photo)

Councillor C.J. Rhodes said he’s received nothing but support from local residents who read about his recent “rant” to town council on the subject of cannabis.

In what Rhodes said last Tuesday was a “rant about a rant,” he urged other council members to speak up more about things they believe in.

“When you think that nobody is listening, try ranting a little bit and you’ll find out there’s a lot of people listening,” he said. “I’m just trying to encourage my fellow council members to do the same occasionally, because it can be very beneficial and you’ll find that people are way more supportive than we ever thought…”

At the March 19 council meeting, during a discussion of whether people should be allowed to smoke marijuana in public when it’s legalized, Rhodes said he likes the smell of pot.

“I think it smells pretty good,” he said in his original rant. “I like the benefits of cannabis, healthwise, emotional and other things. It helps people get through the day and be better at the end of the day because of it.”

Rhodes contrasted the smell of marijuana smoke to the smell of tobacco smoke, which he finds “incredibly offensive.”

When he spoke on Tuesday, Rhodes admitted that many people took issue with him on this point, saying they don’t like the smell of cannabis burning.

“My comment … was not intended because I sit around and smoke cannabis all the time,” he clarified. “It’s because it just doesn’t bother me.”

Rhodes noted that the Osoyoos Times had written an editorial about his “rant,” but he didn’t appear upset.

“I respect everything the media does in our community, or most of it,” he said.

The Osoyoos Times editorial took him to task for seeming to imply that people should be able to smoke marijuana publicly because he likes the smell and for not acknowledging that there’s an issue of public impairment.

Rhodes concluded his “rant about a rant” by saying he respects everyone’s opinions.

When he finished, Mayor Sue McKortoff thanked him.

“We always appreciate the rants from Councillor Rhodes,” she said. “They are always interesting and obviously townspeople [think so] too.”


Osoyoos Times



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  1. kell petersen

    April 12, 2018 at 1:10 pm

    Offer my dictum; “the behavior in politics and government reflects the level of understanding and the moral and ethical value in the society that make up the economy” -democracies Achilles heel

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