Rhodes to act as council liaison to museum board

By on June 10, 2015
C.J. Rhodes, candidate for councillor, Town of Osoyoos. (Richard McGuire photo)

Osoyoos Councillor C.J. Rhodes will serve as a council liaison on the Osoyoos Museum Society board. The board requested liaisons with both the Town of Osoyoos and the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen in order to improve communications. The museum experienced a number of difficulties with its planning process for a move onto Main Street after Osoyoos and the RDOS extended the Home Building Centre’s lease to the end of the decade. (Richard McGuire photo)

Osoyoos councillor C.J. Rhodes has been chosen to act as a liaison with the Osoyoos Museum Society (OMS).

The decision by council last week follows a request from Mat Hassen, president of the society.

It a recent letter sent to both the town and the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS), Hassen said having liaisons would “ensure proper lines of communication and reduce the chance of misunderstandings.”

Hassen’s letter outlined a number of costs to the museum, including difficulties with grant applications, as a result of the recent decision to extend the lease of the Home Building Centre at the future museum building until the end of 2019.

Barry Romanko, town chief administrative officer, advised council that a councillor would be in a conflict of interest if serving as a full-voting board member, but Hassen’s request is only for a non-voting liaison.

He recommended choosing a councillor for this role.

“A key governance function of council members is to link with clubs and organizations that provide benefit to the community,” Romanko advised. “In this situation, the OMS is in the process of renovating a facility that has been purchased by RDOS and town taxpayers. Having a formal liaison will assist with communications of progress and issues.”

Romanko recommended that any formal requests to council be made by board members and not by the liaison.


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