Ross doesn’t see many benefits of strong credit rating or healthcare infrastructure

By on April 18, 2017

Dear Editor:

It is ironic that NDP candidate Colleen Ross, a self-proclaimed businesswoman from Grand Forks, doesn’t understand the importance of good credit or the advantages for investing in new healthcare infrastructure for Oliver, Osoyoos and major centres like Penticton in the South Okanagan.

At a recent forum in Oliver, Ross was quick to complain about the lack of hospital beds at the Penticton Regional Hospital, while at the same time criticizing the B.C. Liberal government for investing in their “legacy projects.”

Certainly, the new David Kampe patient tower at Penticton Regional Hospital – a $310 million dollar expansion – is one excellent example of a legacy project, and one that MLA Dan Ashton and MLA Linda Larson worked hard on with Interior Health to bring to the region.

The Kampe patient tower will deliver real solutions for the growing healthcare needs locally – health care that the NDP candidate was very quick to complain about.

So, what allows a government to fund beds and build more hospitals?

It involves an important formula that includes a growing economy, growing labour force, political will and the ability to borrow money to finance construction of major infrastructure.

Financing for the new David Kampe patient tower and new projects in the years ahead is facilitated by B.C.’s Triple A credit rating – or “Triple Star” – as NDP Ross incorrectly calls it.

Here’s another important question? Why would she dismiss B.C.’s good credit rating so quickly?

Maybe because the B.C. NDP had six consecutive credit downgrades in the 1990’s and her Party’s borrowing rate increased to such a level that it made it basically impossible to borrow and build any new infrastructure or legacy projects.

The fact the B.C. NDP mocks “legacy projects” and B.C.’s top credit rating shows they still haven’t connected the dots on how to manage the economy to secure sustainable social programs and infrastructure growth.

Despite being in government for 10 years, despite record levels of public debt and taxes for B.C. families, the B.C. NDP did not build a single new hospital in the 1990’s. They closed over 3,500 hospital beds – nearly a third of all hospital beds in the province.

Failing to connect the dots on why good credit is good policy, Ross and NDP Leader John Horgan shouldn’t be so quick to mock or dismiss it.

Without good credit, you will see no new hospitals, schools, bridge crossings, and no new dollar for capital infrastructure.

I am not ready for a B.C. NDP government that will offer all of us out of control operating debt, higher taxes for families, and absolutely no tangible capital infrastructure to show for it.

I trust you are not ready for that kind of a future in British Columbia either.

Carolyn Madge

Oliver, B.C.

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  1. Bob Parker

    April 27, 2017 at 1:08 pm

    Linda Larson is a first term MLA and was probably not an MLA when the Penticton Hospital project was planned an approved. This could qualify as fake news.

    Bob Parker
    Member of the BC Liberal Party

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