Saying thanks to proud citizen for picking up cigarette butts

By on February 14, 2017

Dear Editor:

On one of my frequent walks along the Pioneer Walkway here in Osoyoos, I recently observed a couple out for a walk.

My curiosity took me closer to them and eventually I saw him frequently picking up cigarette butts off the walkway and depositing the butts into a trash can.

I talked to the gentleman. His name is Mike (who I was told is a baker in town) and he stated it looks so unsightly in this beautiful town to see all these cigarette butts on the walkway.

I thanked him for his efforts in keeping a public area beautiful for all of us.

I urge local citizens to quit throwing cigarette butts on the ground and forcing good citizens to pick them up.

       Caroline Holz

       Osoyoos, B.C.     

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