Shame on Trudeau and Liberals for plethora of broken election promises

By on February 14, 2017

Dear Editor:

Five or six months ago, airplane manufacturing giant Bombardier said they did not need any more federal money.

But just last week, they received $372 million in new federal “loans”.

Is this need or greed?

Over the last 30-plus years, this company has received over $1.5 billion in “federal Loans” from Industry Canada and claim to have paid back $275 million – which doesn’t even covering the interest.

Additionally, there are possibly a billion or more dollars in loans from other departments, agencies and Crown Corporations that have not disclosed.

Most of these loans are “conditional” upon Bombardier being successful, and are forgiven if they do not meet targets.

Bombardier does not disclose their repayments, even under Freedom of Information requests.

Somehow the targets are never met. There are also millions of dollars in loan guarantees paid out by taxpayers that are not traceable as they are paid out of many federal ministries.

There are at least as much in “loans” to Pratt and Whitney under similar cloudy untraceable circumstances.

It is time to quit donating to corporate bums.

The common denominator is Liberal vote-buying processes, grants and forgivable loans.

Another common thread is both companies have head offices in the Montreal area and 1,700 jobs there are valued far more than 30,000 jobs in, agriculture, fisheries, forestry, resource industries or even aerospace in the rest of Canada.

With empty promises, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has fulfilled the expectations of his constituency, the special interest groups.

Some of these empty promises include an annual $10 billion deficit, a balanced budget in four years, transparency, Senate reform, electoral reform, ethics in government, environmental standards, revenue neutral tax changes, indigenous peoples’ rights … and on and on it goes.

Trudeau’s Liberals, like so many other governments before them, promise anything to get elected, then just tax and spend wherever it seems a favour needs to be garnered or repaid.

This has resulted in 14,000 new federal jobs in Gatineau/Ottawa, overpaying civil servants more than $70 million due to faulty computer systems which haven’t been recovered yet, unions placated with renewed higher benefits, $2 billion-plus in International gifts to other countries, millions a month on promotion travel across Canada and around the world, a political pal helped out by allowing dumping of raw sewage.

All of it is sickening.

All of this increased spending paid for by hard working Canadians, yet only $0.55 a month flows to Old Age Security for 20 per cent of residents.

There have also been cuts to military personnel and equipment, national security and crime prevention cuts and now increased taxes on working families.

None of these were election promises.

Changing one promise might be leadership, but breaking most of your promises says you pandered, patronized, misled, deceived, misinformed and generally hoodwinked the electorate just like any Banana Republic Despot would do.

Shame on you Mr. Trudeau.

Doug Waines

West Kelowna, BC

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