Splash Park Will Open This Summer In Osoyoos

By on May 9, 2013

The Osoyoos Splash Park will open, likely in July, after members of Town of Osoyoos council approved spending more than $80,000 to purchase equipment for the new park during Monday’s regular meeting of council.
Because of tight time lines, staff recommended that the project be “phased in” over the next two years, but purchasing this amount of equipment will ensure the park is “three quarters” completed by the end of 2013, said Gerald Davis, the town’s director of community services.
The new Osoyoos Splash Park will open at Jack Shaw Gardens, likely in late July.
“This funding … would allow three-quarters of the overall park” to be completed in 2013, said Davis.
Coun. Mike Plante, who is a founding member of the Osoyoos Splash Park Committee and the most vocal supporter for the splash park, said he’s thrilled council has supported the equipment purchase as it will ensure thousands of kids will be able to use the park this summer.
“We wanted to make sure during phase 1 that kids could still play down there this summer,” he said.
Staff recommended proceeding with phase 1 and purchasing a large amount of equipment after Interior Health approved a plan that would allow the park to temporarily hook up to the town’s existing water supply in the short term, said Davis.
The long-term plan is to install a new well at Jack Shaw Gardens to provide the main water source for the splash park, he said.
“We finally have acceptance from Interior Health for our water sources, which was one of our biggest concerns,” he said. “That’s huge, huge, huge news.”
Mayor Stu Wells said because the water that will be used in the splash park won’t be chlorinated, it will be able to be disposed into Osoyoos Lake without causing any environmental impact.
Penticton-based Rec Tec Industries Inc. will need six to eight weeks to deliver the new equipment, said Davis.
“The total for the equipment with tax included is $90,720. Installation for phase 1 is $110,400,” said Davis.
This number will be reduced by generous donations from businesses and individuals in the community to provide in kind services, including donation of gravel and concrete, two pump truck rentals, a concrete placer for pours, steel construction fencing, electrical works and some plumbing work, he said.
Phase 2 planned for next year will include $23,000 of equipment and the rubber surfacing.
The town has already acquired one grant from the tire stewardship program and have applied for another rubber tire resurfacing grant from Kal Tire, said Davis.
“If approved, this second grant will cover the remaining surfacing of the park,” he said.
The town has also applied for a $50,000 grant through Canada Post and the grant of $11,400 from Kal Tire, but these grants have not been approved, he said.
The cost to install a new well has already been approved in the budget process through a water reserves account and another $42,500 has been approved for washroom upgrades and fencing.
The total cost for phase 1 will be (equipment and installation ) $191,400 and taxes, infrastructure from the existing well to the splash park ($10,000) and washroom and fencing of $42,500.
“We have sufficient funds to move ahead with the purchase of the equipment for phase 1,” said Davis. “Ordering the equipment now will assist us by having it ready and on hand when the ground work gets completed,” he said.

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