Time has come for a government moratorium on corporate price hikes and excessive profiteering

By on January 1, 2014

Dear Editor:

It is with disdain and consternation that I’m writing this letter in the media.

It regards B.C. Hydro’s and Fortis BC’s dictatorial treatment of British Columbians.

Many people, including myself, are feeling like victims of legal extortion, without any recourse, especially not from our B.C. government and the B.C. Utilities Commission.

It is outrageous that big business and corporations can use us like pawns in a chess game or worse.

Worst of all is that the present governing parties of B.C. and Canada are giving their blessings to this kind of free-for-all enterprise system.

The controls and regulations are just so much bookshelf decorations.

For example, Premier Christy Clark and her MLAs along with BCUC gave permission to the electrical corporations to replace 130,000 smart meters and hike consumer rates that presently amount to 41.4 per cent over the last five and a half years.

Nobody can tell us this increase is necessary. It has become a greedy tradition.

“Profits before people” can no longer be acceptable. (Family disposable income never sees this kind of increment.)

Our two electrical companies are not the only guilty parties involved in the extraction of our declining income.

The continuously rising gas prices, food prices, insurance rates, real estate prices, taxes, etc. are holding us all for ransom.

All this is happening while our most wealthy citizens are allowed to stockpile their wealth off shore in the Cook Islands and Virgin Islands.

As for our two power corporations, they are making a substantial profit.

If not, there’s a big hole in their bucket somewhere. I’m convinced they could do with a five to 10 per cent rollback in consumer rates and live happily ever after.

Secondly, they can trash that second-tier penalty rate and make everybody happy.

Thirdly, fees for reading standard meters can keep some people employed. Just continue to pay their wages out of your profits. You’ll never miss it.

It’s time for a government moratorium on corporate rate/price hikes and excessive profiteering.

Give consumers a chance to recover financially.

Do we have a government in B.C. with the mental fortitude and the backbone to rectify our deteriorating economy?

This may help narrow the gap between the rich and needy.

Try it, Christy Clark.

We are experiencing this recession, not because of excessive labour income/wage hikes, but undoubtedly and precisely because of corporate greed as I have indicated earlier.

Let us also throw blame on the enormous government tax wastage and extravagant spending on priorities that glorify political leaders and their parties.

As a few wise economists have stated on more than one occasion, “We can best work our way out of this recession if we educate our way out of it.”

In other words, invest heavily in health and education and never mind downloading financial responsibilities onto school boards and local communities to provide these necessities.

I suggest the government get the funding from those same rich people who stockpile their wealth outside of this country.

They can learn to care and share in a time of great need.

You’re their friends, Christy.

This clearly indicates that big business and industrial corporations control and run government administration in order to put “profits before people” in this “free-for-all enterprise economy.”

Why aren’t controls and regulations being exercised?

Where is social justice … is this not a democracy that we live in?

Legislation is certainly used when strikes and wages are an issue. Labourers and unions have to fight with their lives to get anything.

No wonder the gap between the rich and the needy is ever increasing.

There is not much B.C. Liberal intervention so far. I’m afraid I can only assess them a failing grade on this issue.

Also, much of the labour force is being replaced by technology. For example, meter readers, bank tellers, postal workers, store workers, etc.

Where and how are these people supposed to earn a living and try to save money for essentials?

The present workforce is having much difficulty making ends meet let alone trying to save for retirement, investment and replacement costs.

People are being priced right out onto the streets and chicken manure parks before any worthwhile money or jobs come available.

Can anybody blame people for turning down slave labour that only benefits the rich who keep demanding more and more?

Are you listening, Linda Larson (local MLA)?

The above items are only a few on the provincial legislative agenda.

Christy Clark and MLAs better open the legislature and get busy to show us they deserve their salt.

Proroguing government when the going gets tough is not what we voted for.

We haven’t heard much progressive talk about the national park lately.

Another failing grade?

Lastly, I would like to advise everyone to keep an up-to-date, running report card of the Liberal government’s performance.

It’s either pass or fail on issues, items and promises for the next four years. They do need continuous reminders in the media. Let’s hear from more constituents.

Don’t forget Larson wanted the job and is supposed to represent all of us.

Thank you.

James Demetrick,

Oliver, B.C

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