Town Council Approves Three Dog Swimming Areas Within Town Boundaries This Coming Summer

By on May 9, 2013


Town of Osoyoos council voted Monday to close down the town’s current dog swimming area near the White Sands condominium complex and allow for three new separate swimming areas for dogs. Those areas will include the beach located north of Lion’s Park, the rocky beach area located east of the Osoyoos Museum and Osoyoos Seniors Centre and Goodman Park on Lakeshore Drive. Photo by Ken Baker.




Members of Town of Osoyoos council have voted to close off the town’s current dog swimming area located close to the White Sands condominium complex and allow three distinct areas of town for locals and tourists to take their pooch for a swim.
A group of 15 condo owners at White Sands made an appearance several weeks ago before town council saying the current dog swimming area near the complex was causing grief and concerns for many residents.
The condo owners, most who were seniors, complained to town council that several dogs were scaring the residents and many of them were afraid to take their own dogs for a walk because so many other dogs have congregated near the building.
After hearing a presentation by Gerald Davis, the town’s director of community services, members of council voted to allow dogs to swim in an area north of Lion’s Park, on the rocky shore on the east side of the Osoyoos Museum, Osoyoos Lawn Bowling Club and Osoyoos Seniors Centre and at Goodman Park on Lakeshore Drive on the east side of town.
Council also voted to remove the chain-linked fence near the White Sands condominium complex and close off that area as a dog swimming area.
With two of the town’s major hotels promoting themselves as “pet friendly” and so many visitors and locals having dogs, Mayor Stu Wells said it was crucial to offer a dog swimming area near Gyro Park.
Considering the rugged shore on the east side of the museum and seniors centre traditionally prevents many people from congregating down there, this would be an ideal place for people to bring their dogs for a swim, said Wells.
“We need something near Gyro Park,” he said.
Coun. C. J. Rhodes agreed that the area east of the museum and lawn bowling club is usually very quiet and would provide a nice spot for dogs to swim. He also liked the idea of allowing dogs to swim on the shores of Goodman Park as many tourists who come to town stay along Lakeshore Drive.
The area north of Lions Park is also fairly quiet and would provide another nice alternative as a dog swimming area, he said.
Coun. Mike Plante said offering three distinct areas for dogs to swim is a great idea.
Many tourists who visit town bring their dogs and they need a place to swim away from crowded public parks, he said.
When it was suggested the south end of main beach along Gyro Park be used as a dog swimming area, several councillors rejected the idea saying there is heavy boat traffic in this area near the bridge and a strong current and many dogs might get injured if they swam in this area.
Coun. Sue McKortoff said Osoyoos is a very hot place in the summer months and dogs need a place to cool off and go for a swim as much as people do and having three areas that are away from popular public beaches is a great idea.
Wells said bylaw enforcement officers and staff will keep close tabs on whether these three locations are popular with dog owners so they can make an informed decision about where to offer dog swimming areas in the future.

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