Town council supports spending $63K to finish two roof jobs at town hall

By on February 13, 2018

Town of Osoyoos council has approved spending $63,000 for roof repairs at town hall. (Richard McGuire file photo)

Town of Osoyoos council voted last week to spend a total of $63,000 to immediately repair the leaky roof at the front entrance to town hall and another section covering the former fire hall.

“As anyone who has visited town hall over the past two years is well aware, the roof over the front entrance requires repair,” said Jim Dinwoodie’s, the town’s director of operational services, during a presentation to council last week. “Water appears to pool on the flat roof section before it finds its way through walls and around windows into the front entrance lobby.

“This in turn has damaged insulation, drywall, promoted the growth of mold in the area and made the automatic front door opener inoperable. The operational services department has attempted to hire a qualified roof contractor to correct this problem several times without success.”

After the completion of the town hall assessment in December of 2017, a plan was developed to repair the front entrance roof at town hall and it’s believe the creation of this specific plan will remove any uncertainty about the scope of this project, which may have made it unappealing to potential repair contractors, said Dinwoodie.

The initial capital budget allocated for this project in 2017 was $25,000, which was carried over into the 2018 budget, so administration is requesting council provide pre-budget approval for this project and award the contract as soon as possible, said Dinwoodie.

The tender will go out this week and a closing date of Feb. 21 has been set so this project can be completed as quickly as possible, he said.

Council unanimously approved this request.

Meanwhile, $38,000 from reserves was requested to complete repairs to a large section of the roof covering the old fire hall, located adjacent to town hall, said Dinwoodie.

Once Dinwoodie described the level of damage, council quickly approved providing the funding to complete the roof repair project as quickly as possible.

“I guess it has to be done, otherwise we won’t be allowed in the building,” said Mayor Sue McKortoff.

In other council news from last week, council approved another one-year lease extension that will allow members of the Penticton Model Aviation Club (PENMAC) to continue using the Osoyoos Airport facility.

“There have been no issues in the past with the use of the airport by PENMAC for this purpose,” said Janette Van Vianen, the town’s director of corporate services in a report prepared for council. “They are requesting an agreement for use for another year ending Dec. 31, 2018. Insurance is provided through the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada in the amount of $2 million.”

The club provides a recreational opportunity for local residents and others across the South Okanagan to participate in a fun activity, she said.

Council also approved spending $20,000 to install pay parking machines at the town’s boat trailer parking lot.

Staff was seeking pre-budget approval to install the pay machines before the busy tourist season begins.

Having the boat trailer parking lot is beneficial to keeping trailers off local roads and provides visitors a safe and secure place to store their boat trailers, said Gerald Davis, the Town’s director of community services.

The capital budget of $20,000 will be taken from Resort Municipality funding and user fees will offset operating costs, he said.

Council also approved a motion to continue three $1,000 bursaries to graduating students at Osoyoos Secondary School.

Since 2015, the town has committed to providing three bursaries to students of the graduating class in the amount of $1,000 each.

Plans to build a new West Bench Dog Park are moving forward nicely.

A meeting of the West Bench Dog Park committee was held in the middle of January and two senior members of staff attended along with three members from the community.

Council has pre-approved spending $157,000 for the new dog park near the current park, which will soon be converted to its original use as a minor baseball facility. The allocated funds for the dog park are $125,000.


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