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By on January 1, 2014


Linda Larson watches results from Boundary-Similkameen at last showing a checkmark beside her name indicating that media have determined statistically that she's been elected, even though only two thirds of polls have reported. Our quiz asks what position she held before being elected as MLA. (Richard McGuire file photo)

Linda Larson watches results from Boundary-Similkameen at last showing a checkmark beside her name indicating that media have determined statistically that she’s been elected, even though only two thirds of polls have reported. Our quiz asks what position she held before being elected as MLA. (Richard McGuire file photo)

Another busy year has come and gone for the people who call the Town of Osoyoos home.

Everyone who lives here knows this is a busy, vibrant and active community and there is seldom a shortage of things to report on when you work for the local community newspaper.

Here in the newsroom at the Osoyoos Times, we have worked hard over the past 12 months to provide our readers with a detailed and informative record of everything that took place in our community.

This includes everything from what took place at town hall as Mayor Stu Wells and the members of town council made key decisions on major issues and decided how taxpayer dollars would be spent to the Osoyoos Coyotes making a thrilling playoff run to within one game of the Kootenay International Junior Hockey League championship final series.

To start the new year off with a little fun and entertainment, we’re presenting our 2013 Readers Quiz to see just how much our dedicated readers remember about the big news stories we covered over the past 12 months.

Good luck and enjoy. We have all of the answers to our quiz on page 21 of our January 1, 2014 issue.

1. What well-known local politician resigned from politics in early 2013 after publicly acknowledging that the provincial Liberal Party was refusing confirm nomination party for the May provincial election?

  • a) John Slater.
  • b) Sue McKortoff.
  • c) Ron Hovanes.
  • d) C. J. Rhodes.

2. The Osoyoos Coyotes thrilled local hockey fans by winning their division by defeating two teams before losing to the North Okanagan Knights in the KIJHL semi-final series in a thrilling seven-game series. Which teams did the Coyotes defeat to advance to the league semi-finals?

  • a) Summerland and Princeton.
  • b) Summerland and Kelowna.
  • c) Princeton and Kelowna.
  • d) Grand Forks and Sicamous.

3. After 66 years in the Stodola family, the Osoyoos Times was sold in January of 2013. Owner and publisher Chris Stodola sold the Osoyoos Times to which owner and publishing company?

  • a) Bob Smith and Great West Publishing Company.
  • b) Jane Doe and the B.C. Press Corporation.
  • c) Stephen Colbert and Fox Broadcasting Corporation.
  • d) Bob Doull and Aberdeen Publishing Company.

4. The Town of Osoyoos and Spirit Ridge Vineyard Resort and Spa were put into the national spotlight in February when a national television program featured our community and this business as part of a well-known popular TV series. That series was?

  • a) Amazing Race Canada.
  • b) Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.
  • c) Ice Road Truckers.
  • d) Undercover Boss Canada.

5. The Desert Park Exhibition Society was thrilled to make a major announcement in February that would attract thousands of people to this community. The major event included?

  • a) The return of horse racing for the first time in 15 years.
  • b) A Celine Dion concert.
  • c) Monster truck spectacle.
  • d) Bluegrass music festival.

6. Two local women, who happen to be sisters-in-law, agreed to take over the fundraising portion to ensure the massive fireworks display in Osoyoos would continue on Canada Day. Annette Star and Etta-Mae Pratt took over the duties after a local Town of Osoyoos public works employee had been doing the fundraising for almost two decades. His/her name is?

  • a) Frank Zandvliet.
  • b) Alain Cunningham.
  • c) Helen Payne.
  • d) Martha Collins.

7. Discussions were initiated in March between the South Okanagan Chamber of Commerce and various partners to hopefully start up a commercial shuttle service across the South Okanagan. The proposed service, once operational, would shuttle passengers between which geographic points?

  • a) Penticton Airport and Osoyoos Airport
  • b) Kelowna International Airport and Penticton Airport.
  • c) Kelowna International Airport and communities across the South Okanagan, including Oliver and Osoyoos.
  • d) Osoyoos Airport and downtown Kelowna.

8. An old age pensioner who lives between Oliver and Osoyoos was in the headlines throughout 2013 after starting up a petition against FortisBC to protest their residential rate hikes. His name is?

  • a) Ronald Borstein.
  • b) Donald Thorsteinson.
  • c) Al MacDonald.
  • d) Neal Pobran.

9. The former Community Action for Seniors’ Independence (CASI) underwent many changes in 2013, including changing its name. The new name of the agency that assists local seniors in living independently is?

  • a) Better at Home.
  • b) Best Stay at Home.
  • c) My Home is My Castle.
  • d) Homeward Bound.

10. An Osoyoos man had his name regularly in the headlines in early 2013 as he was named the Conservative candidate for the Boundary-Similkameen riding in the provincial election. He was later dropped by the Conservatives and ran as an independent. His name is?

  • a) Sam Hancheroff.
  • b) Doug Pederson.
  • c) Mischa Popoff.
  • d) Allan Patton.

11. Drag racing fans flocked to several events held on the runway at Osoyoos Airport in 2013. The name of the local racing association is?

  • a) South Okanagan Tire Squealers.
  • b) Osoyoos Speed Demons.
  • c) Wine Country Racing Association.
  • d) South Okanagan Drag Demons.

12. For the past 37 years, bowlers from across British Columbia and Alberta have been coming to visit Osoyoos to participate in an annual seniors bowling tournament. The name of that tournament is?

  • a) Golden Age Jamboree.
  • b) Golden Bowling Bonanza.
  • c) Kobau Lanes Jamboree.
  • d) B.C. Bowling Extravaganza.

13. The Town of Osoyoos held a contest asking local residents to come up with a new name for the town’s new marina. The name of the new marina is officially called?

  • a) Desert Moon Marina.
  • b) Desert Sunshine Marina.
  • c) Desert Sunrise Marina.
  • d) Desert Waterfront Marina.

14. Linda Larson was named the new MLA for the provincial riding of Boundary-Similkameen following the May 14 provincial election. Larson was on a leave of absence from another prominent position at the time she captured the election. That position was?

  • a) CAO for the Town of Oliver.
  • b) Member of Town of Osoyoos administration.
  • c) Member of Town of Oliver council.
  • d) Director of operations for the Town of Oliver.

15. Dozens of participants from Osoyoos have travelled from Osoyoos to Oliver each May for the past four years to participate in an event that allows participants to drink wine, eat good food and still cover a 26-mile course. That event is called?

  • a) Dazed and Confused Marathon.
  • b) Three Sheets to the Wind Marathon.
  • c) Backwards and Sideways Marathon.
  • d) Half Corked Marathon.

16. An event took place in downtown Osoyoos the first week in June that forced several local businesses to shut down and forced the evacuation of several people. That event was?

  • a) A natural gas leak from a ruptured gas line.
  • b) Major automobile collision.
  • c) Massive fire.
  • d) Building collapse.

17. The Town of Osoyoos has been hosting a vintage automobile show and shine at Gyro Park for several years. The name of that event is?

  • a) Crazy about cars.
  • b) Cactus Jalopies.
  • c) Osoyoos Show and Shine.
  • d) Classic Cars.

18. A group of Osoyoos residents was very upset in June and they spoke out about a series of events taking place in Haynes Point Provincial Park. They were upset about?

  • a) Hundreds of trees being cut down.
  • b) Hundreds of birds being shot.
  • c) A huge increase in the camping fees for the summer.
  • d) Beaches being closed to swimming.

19. A new local non-profit group was formed in Osoyoos in the early summer to assist underprivileged children who want to get involved in playing sports. The name of the new organization is?

  • a) Spirit of the Game.
  • b) Game Time.
  • c) There are no losers, only winners.
  • d) Osoyoos Minor Sports Academy.

20. The Osoyoos Desert Society has held an annual fundraising event every summer to raise funds for the non-profit organization. The name of that event is?

  • a) Romancing the Stone.
  • b) Love Affair with the Desert.
  • c) An Evening to Remember.
  • d) Romancing the Desert.

21. A dangerous dog was reported stolen from the Osoyoos dog pound after that same dog killed another dog while at the pound. The name of the missing dog was?

  • a) Jethro.
  • b) Bubba.
  • c) Brutus.
  • d) Sylvester.

22. A local apple orchardist named David Evans made headlines when he received certification from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to introduce a new apple variety to the Canadian market. The name of his new breed of apple was?

  • a) Oksana.
  • b) Okana.
  • c) Alana.
  • d) Nirvana.

23. Two Osoyoos-based wineries joined numerous other wineries from across the South Okanagan in capturing major awards and recognition when the 2013 Decanter Magazine World. The two Osoyoos wineries that captured major awards were?

  • a) Nk’Mip Cellars Winery and Moon Curser Winery.
  • b) Sumac Ridge and Mission Hill.
  • c) Burrowing Owl and Black Hills Estate wineries.
  • d) Jackson Triggs and Road 13 wineries.

24. A group of local women have established an organization in Osoyoos that helps raise funds to help children and families in Africa. The name of that organization is?

  • a) We Are the World.
  • b) Osoyoos Women of the World.
  • c) Grandmothers for Africa.
  • d) Canadian Grannies Assistance Fund.

25. Osoyoos residents will be asked to vote during a referendum in June of 2014 as Town of Osoyoos council has voted in favour of an expensive project, but want local residents to have the final say on whether or not the project should proceed. The $5.6-million project that will be voted on is?

  • a) A new arena to replace the Sun Bowl Arena.
  • b) An offer to purchase Mount Baldy Ski Area.
  • c) Building a new town hall.
  • d) Building a new fire hall for the Town of Osoyoos.

26. Close to 200 business owners and members of various chambers of commerce from across the region, including president Holly Plante and and CEO Bonnie Dancey of the South Okanagan Chamber of Commerce, travelled to participate in a 10-day business exchange program. They travelled to what country?

  • a) North Korea.
  • b) The United States.
  • c) China.
  • d) Australia.

27. The veteran curator and executive director of the Osoyoos Museum Society announced in late 2013 that he would be leaving his position for personal reasons. His name is?

  • a) Mat Hassen.
  • b) Kenneth Favrholdt.
  • c) Bruce Lee.
  • d) Bob Dylan.

28. A famous online website named the Okanagan Valley as the top wine destination in the world. The name of that website is?

  • a) Huffington Post.
  • b) Travelocity.
  • c) Wine Travellers Guide.
  • d) Decanter Wine Magazine.


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