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RE: What’s wrong with this picture? – Letter to Editor, October 12, 2011 issue

The Canadian Flag and its protocol were first introduced to us in Mr. Hamilton’s Grade 10 homeroom history class. We learned about the history of our noble flag and the process our federal government, under the leadership of the Honourable Lester. B. Pearson, went through to decide on a design. After it was chosen, the Canadian government made strong recommendations about our flag: its dimensions, how to fly it, when it should be at half-mast, etc. So it was surprising to me to read the letter last week from people who have made complaints without doing their due diligence!
According to the Canadian government website on flag protocol, the brilliant display of colourful flags at the tourist information centre is correct. When greater than three flags are flown, the Canadian flag takes a position of Honour (at the same height) to the left when the display is viewed from the front. (When three flags are flown, the Canadian flag takes center stage.) With four flags as seen in the photo, the correct order of flags from the left according to Canadian government protocol is:
The Canadian flag
The flag of another sovereign nation (in our case, the flag of the United States of America)
The flag of the province of British Columbia
The Tourism BC flag

Yes, I agree with the writers that we have a beautiful visitors’ centre, but they are sadly misinformed and did not do their homework before writing their letter with so much inaccurate information. It would be prudent for the writers to remember the lessons of grade 10 history class and get their facts straight.

Martha Collins,

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