Woman doesn’t want her input assessed by Larson’s cohorts

By on December 9, 2015

Dear Editor:

When the B.C. Minister of the Environment, Mary Polak, asked for my input as part of a public consultation process concerning national park issues, I understood that my response would be processed by civil servants.

These people are competent and capable as well as governed by rules protecting my privacy.

I was outraged to discover last week that MLA Linda Larson, an outspoken opponent of a national park, is going to turn over the information I sent to the government to her hand picked cohorts.  The names of these people were supposed to be kept secret.

Larson tells us to trust her. Why would we trust her when she has refused to represent the majority of her constituents on the national park issue?

Will the information we submitted for the ‘intentions paper’ be “summarized” in my neighbours’ living rooms or local coffee shops?    

Larson seems incapable of “summarizing” the years of hard work by competent professionals that convinced the rest of us to support a national park. How can she be competent to choose others capable of accurate summarizing?

Only Polak has the staff to do the job properly and I put my trust in them.

Marion Boyd

Oliver, B.C.

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